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  1. I was listening to your music for about 2 hours straight on repeat while i wrote this. Feel free to use it or not, rewrite whatever you want, take snippets.. doesn't matter. felt good to write that, too.
  2. When you get a chance, could you let us bassist know which one you guys decided to use so we can submit our "user info" or whatever we need for the final submitting? Like our user ID and a quick sentence or two about the song, "submitter comments" or whatever it is? tanx u
  3. B33J

    EvE Online

    How many people total do we have the in OCR Corp? I've been thinking about joining again, but only if I could join a corp, cuz i gots bored and quit last time. We still doin' this thang? I play as a missle-boat and hauler... btw
  4. Sorry sorry! I've been busy this past week and my website's proxy script was deleted so i couldn't check the forums here. damn commies, anyway... I PM'd you Sixto with my crappy version of the bass in WAV. The bass quality sounds no where near DeathBySpoon's, but it's playing different notes. I dunno.. tell me what you think. Scrap it if you want. And sorry DbS for this 'late submission', so to speak!!
  5. I kinda like this song. Took me a few listens to get the groove of it, but I like it for it's uniqueness. Even with the song being 2:48 in length, it doesn't seem that short because of everything that goes on. Which is two-fold. It's good cause that means it's interesting, but bad because there's that much more room for material (not saying you need to add more, though) time-length wise. If you listen to it without your full attention, it goes away probably quicker than listeners would like. (boiling pot of water, anyone?) I like that, for a lack of better words, 'whiney' sounding synth part that starts at 1:04, cause it reminds me of Radiohead's Where I End and You Begin song. Cool, yo.
  6. Very good stuff Skrypnyk. Like what other people say, Image 3 is my favorite too. It has the most definite bass, so it's quite a bit catchier. A really nice electronic-glitch jazz, so to speak. Maybe take these as hints on how to produce future albums? The other songs are quite nice ambiently. Go good for background music or putting on when you want to take a nap during the day. Only complaint is that the album's too g'damn short!! And what was up with the piece for the last 1/4 of Image 5?
  7. How many of you there have created an Industrial sounding song? I want to hear it! Here's a little something I threw together in a few hours... Destruction Every sound in it has a Scream attached to it.. And do you think the 'zitar' melody is too cheesy? If you like the song, I might work on it more...change it around completely, or whatever. But as it stands, it's just another thing I was experimenting with. Anyway, let's hear your Industrials!
  8. I don't know. By the way, sorry for the clipping in that, too. I can't hear the twang of the strings when I play.. Dunno.. maybe it's my crappy bass.. What do you think Sixto? Think that bass will be fine (without the clipping naturally)? I want my bass to sound like the bass in Wicked Six.
  9. Okay, fiddled with it some more and couldn't get the quality any better. Here is what I'm talking about. The volume is lower and the mid-thru-hi frequencies seem lower too, and i can't EQ them any more to get a better sound.
  10. I've been doing a lot of research on Line 6's website and forums for people with similar problems. I've a few things to try when I get home today. I'll probably record something and post it on here anyways so you can hear what i'm talking about.
  11. Awesome dude! That's coming along pretty well. I think the backing string thing could be a bit more pad-ish. Smoothen in out a bit more, so to speak. Maybe more reverb on it? And still, the percussion is just a little off to my ears.. Have you tried putting a little bit of reverb on them? Cause some things, like with the backing string and xylophone, make the song have a little bit of a ghostly feel to it. The percussion kind of stands out a bit, not quite fitting, imo. Have you tried a 3 hit kick lead in to the percussion? I found myself hearing that while listening to the song again. Maybe turn down the xylophone just a tiny tiny bit? It seems like it's overpowering things a little. all my two cents worth.
  12. Okay, I give up. No matter what I do with this TonePort thing settings wise, i cannot make it sound good enough for this song. DeathBySpoon, good luck to ya man. argh...
  13. uhhh.. Gender confused? Well, certainly makes everyone ELSE confused, anyway....
  14. Y'know what? This reminds me of the Voyager's Golden Record. Like a soundtrack to a video of Voyager's lonely, cold, solitary fall thru space, around planets and solar systems. Sending out a message to other prospective life. I third the idea about OCR's contributing speech. It could be just single words, like: Flying.. Dreaming.. Hoping.. Wishing.. Loving.. etc each word from a different OCR remixer with enough distortion and reverb to fit. Neat idea yous guys.
  15. One reason why I switched from FL to Reason in the begining was because I didn't know any terminology at all. I didn't know what "Dry/Wet mix" was or anything. Then I started using Reason, which has, I must say, a much more "common sense" method of designing sounds, using instruments and using effects. You can look at Reason and kind of understand what things do... So it really helps you get your fundamentals down.. Learning what a sequencer does and how it relates to the instruments, what the basic effects are and how to applicably use them, etc. Now that I'm more comfortable with a few things of remixing (terminology, song progression, structure, sound levels, production, instruments, effects), I wouldn't mind trying out FL again. Being "good" really really relies on your natural talent. Talent of knowing what sounds good where and what doesn't. Again, like what Zircon said, you don't have to have classical music knowledge to make good songs.. If ya got it, ya got it.. If ya don't...
  16. I thought that the audio-out for each channel on a ReDrum was understood. What it boils down to is, just create more Mixers (big or small).
  17. No prob. Even after a bit of Googling, I couldn't find anything about Reason having the ability for humanization. Though I think ole Cakewalk does.. Maybe you can get a trial version, or whatever, of Cakewalk, then export your track as MIDI, import it in Cakewalk, then do humanization, export out, then into Reason again. Think that would work?
  18. One thing about the Redrum... The amount of channels should never be a problem. You can create as many Line Mixers as you want, as well as the Spider Audio Merger&Splitter devices if two sounds have a similar EQing. It should almost become standard operation to create a Line Mixer along with a Redrum, in my opinion. I dunno about a auto-humanization thing in Reason.. I've never looked for it. :-\
  19. What about a previous thread discussion... Most Powerful Weapon month? I choose Crissaegrim from SotN.
  20. The lower part is a C# that's lower than the E string. What I did was go up an octive on the A string. You'll be able to hit it if you have a 5 string, of course. Either play the song with that octave higher or try and do some post work to lower that section down an octive, eh? P.S.- i might buy that Line 6 Tone Port tonight..
  21. It's going to be another week or two before I can get my recording equipment. If you can wait that long, great! But even then, I don't know if what I'll get will record well enough. If you want to do the bass, go for it! I really don't want to hold anybody up. I'll try and catch the next project that goes by. I'm still going to practice the song though. It's fun..
  22. Allrighty: It seems like there should be some pads in there to really fill in the soundscape, because as it is now, it feels empty. But naturally, don't overuse the pads or have them get too loud where it muddles things. The snare is kinda boring.. The percussion in general could use some well placed effects. Or if you can't add effects and EQing to change them, maybe find some better samples all around. The piano suffers the same thing. It sounds like there's no effects on it at all. You could try to change samples, add reverb, and add some frequency adjustments to it as well as some EQing to bring up the higher end. But right now it's just very blah. The bass line that comes in early could have more emphasis to it. Be it lower bass, compressed, and or a different synth or even stacked samples playing together. It sounds like it could be a bass-heavy kind of song like, McVaffe's DeeJay's Caribbean Rave if you want to head that direction. I'd try swapping out the echo on a lot of things you have for just reverb to give the song some background in the soundscape. As well, the ending is quite abrupt, so much so it sounds like that organ's lasting echo sound gets cut off. Try to let that resolve out. After covering whatever you'd like to out of my critique, re-render it and let's talk about it some more!
  23. First of all, lawlz @ unsightly Here we go: Yamaha DGX-205 for practicing on M-Audio Axiom 49 Peavey evnoy 110 loaned from dad little cheap effect pedal (i think it's borked now) and my first bass guitar, Washburn RB2000 really good computer for music X-fi Xtreme Music soundcard (purchasing accompanying console soon) and Klipsch speakers, if they're worth a damn. notice i proudly sport teh OCR shirt! (not picture, the 3 naked women waiting to jump my bones when i put the camera down)
  24. Is there anywhere we can download it without doing that stupid streaming thing?
  25. Avaris, your way certainly is a more.. unique way.. heh. And yeah, gating is, for instance, when you have a long sustained note playing, but the volume goes from 80% to 0% and stutters really fast and sometimes in patterns. Putting notes on a piano roll of your "CV source" (sub or mal) can really add some uniqueness to the gating, but it's a lot more effort since the gating of volume usually stutters pretty fast ("THAT'S A LOTTA NOTES!"/KungPow). I guess that'd be good for just one or two unique areas in a song. The rest of the time it could be pattern based in a Matrix. Likewise with the subtractor, using a Malstrom's osc 1 (and maybe even osc2 at the same time) could make some neat patterns.. But then again that's a lot of tweaking to get the waveforms to match right. I've yet to really dig in to gating.. I've only done the basic Matrix thing.. so the tips here will help me out.
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