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  1. On the same topic, I don't know if I'm the only person that segueways part of Wheel Gator's theme (starts pretty early in song at 0:05) into the Super Mario Bros theme. Anytime I nostalgically hum the theme, I always seem to get stuck at that part because I associated with the SMB theme.
  2. in case you didn't know, Morrigan can cancel any of her specials into fly (qcb+s). this makes her ground fireballs safer, and in addition to that, you can cancel her aerial shadow blade, which is great because shadow blade builds meter really nicely. you can add extra hits into your combos with something like: c.L > c.M > s.H > c.H > S > j.M > j.M > j.H > shadow blade > qcb S (fly cancel) > j.H > j.S (cancels fly) > land > S > continue with w.e you could even do multiple reps if you wanted to, but bigtime damage scaling will kick in.
  3. Wavedash to move around if your character can. notation is: f. 2 atk > down repeat. down cancels the dash animation, so you can do it again. I play Doom as my secondary, and you can dash cancel his s.H which can then be jump cancelled into an airdash. Pretty good for closing distance after your block string gets advancing guarded.
  4. Yay thanks everyone who voted me. :3 In return, I chose only the most fitting theme for February: Valentine's Day!
  5. I've got a really great one in the works. Already sketched out, inked and scanned. Currently coloring and doing some small edits right now in Photoshop. Can't wait to see some of the other entries. =D
  6. I remember making individual album art for each game. For example, Chrono Trigger remixes had a different album art than say Secret of Mana.
  7. I'm wondering if I should try and revive this project. I have a lot of ideas in mind for good tiles that match up with even better songs.
  8. Two videos that I made a while ago that featured some OCRemixes (yes I am gg2rebelins).
  9. Oh wow; a 1 year bump. I'm making something right now, and it's going to be much better than my last attempt. edit: OCR 01643 - Obsession Nocturnal ~ Sixto Sounds adobe photoshop cs3 | 20 colours
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