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  1. I know this is a bit late to say, but for those of you who had issues with the dissonance/tuning: A composer friend of mine told me that, were this tuned perfectly, it would be way too sweet. In her words: "It wouldn't be Kraid's Hideout, it'd be...'Kraid's Cottage'" Interesting point, I must say.
  2. Everything that's been said up to this point is precisley how I feel about it. But...I'd just like to add that this song envokes two words for me: "Miles Davis" Kudos.
  3. Interesting. These songs aren't remixed nearly enough (except the main theme naturally). I like the intro, it kind of throws you off as to what's coming. I don't think I've heard the Darkworld theme played like that before. Neat. I like the heavier beat that comed in, as well as the choral backups. The outro music is very well played (and the transition from Darkworld works very well). It works as a very nice intro (ironically) to the main theme. All in all a very nice little medly. (Elrohir: You a Beckett fan?)
  4. I think this is quite excellent. It reminds me of a layed back version of the theme from Psycho (and, strangely, the theme from Young Frankenstein...). The violin is quite haunting, and works well with the overall effect, especially in tandem with the guitar (both performed very well in my opinion...not everyone is required to be a virtuoso when playing music). It does seem like a bit of a cover, but nonetheless, I think it has enough going for it on its own to be considered a remix. As for the tuning, I have no problem with it. In fact I quite like it. Whether it be intentional or not it (as was said before) it adds a lot of character. (By the way, the bit with the cello and the guitar is brilliant!).
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