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  1. Oh, and how could I forget Cuddly Pyramid Head? Because of that name, I still call the Silent Hill monster that.
  2. Haha, bro, I spelled it Darkesword and then second-guessed myself and thought for sure the 'e' was at the end. Do you still have that track? I've looked for it on and off for something like 12 years now. EDIT- Oh, snap. Looks like I lost a few hundred posts, too. Oh, well, so it goes.
  3. I stop in from time to time to see if this old joint is still going and to check out the changes. Definitely a different vibe than when I posted, though I didn't really post all that much. Here are some of the names I remember, mostly from Unmod, since it was a pretty cool wild west kinda place. Darksworde - Don't remember if he posted a lot, but he did a really cool 50 Cent In Da Club classical mashup Neko and/or Nekofrog- May have been the same person, I remember he was pretty polarizing, seemed to enjoy winding people up There was either Atomic Dog or Atomic Frog- when PC Gamer did an article on OC Remix, one of those was namedropped and people around here took exception to it for some reason. Mazedude, maybe? I remember you, Coop. You did really cool threads and good sprite/gif work. Hulk- One of his friends from the football team died, and he did a big post about it, but some people took him to task for comparing football to war. Weirdboyscott- Think he was creepo furry or something Ace!- Had a podcast, I think Jesusthedarklord and Fuckshoestheclown- Unmodders with names that stuck with me There was some chick named Elise or something who constantly posted pictures of herself and pages of dudes would fall overthemselves Radical Dreamer - I think he was really liberal for the time, I remember him arguing with people. Anyway, those are some of the names I can pick from memory. It was a cool place, and Unmod was a really different kind of atmosphere. Sort of vicious and friendly at the same time.
  4. This is great. Thanks so much, Liontamer and djpretzel, you clearly did a hell of a lot of work on this.
  5. Holy cow, I just went there yesterday. I miss all the good stuff. All I saw were a bunch of high school mallrat sluts and morons. Dammit.
  6. I read the first one, I thought it was pretty bad. I've found that most adaptations have disappointed. The Doom books, while awesome, were kinda crappy. And the Aliens novels have consistently let me down. There have been a few exceptions, like the Stargate novel that I thought was pretty good. I don't remember what it was called, though.
  7. I knew I could count on you bastards. I've read Ender's Game, Starship Troopers, and Neuromancer. My buddy gave me the three "sequels" to Ender's Game, and I'll be reading those soon. I've enjoyed Zahn's work with Star Wars, though I haven't read his other stuff. I'll look into that. If you like Naval Sci-fi, you might want to check out Hunt's Dark Wing books. I absolutely must recommend Bill, the Intergalactic Hero, by Harry Harrison. Superb satire. I think that I'll wait until all the Christmas sales and hit the shit out of the book stores. Maybe I'll finally read Grunts. Who knows? But, if you're a fan of hard sci-fi, you should look into Stephen Baxter. I've been a huge fan of his since I read Ring, about four, five years ago. Thanks for the link, brother.
  8. I've been watching Space: Above and Beyondand playing X3: Reunion. It's got me in a mood for some good military science fiction. Can any of you characters give me some titles or authors to look into? I've read almost all of Stephen Baxter's work, same with Alastair Reynolds. Mike Resnick was really good, too. Aliens novels blow goats, so that's right out. I've been considering reading David Weber, but he has kind of an intimidating body of work. Blah, blah, blah. So, can anybody help a brother out?
  9. The bloody General Kim at the end of True Crime. When you fight him at the airport, damn, that took me a few hours of reloading and replaying. DAMN YOU KANG! JUST SHOOT HIM!
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