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  1. Hi Brandon, it’s been a while since I’ve been around here but this sounds fascinating and I’d love to offer input. I’ll send you an email shortly.
  2. I was there too! Just as long as you show up and be cool I think everything is fine. I think the general rule is DBAA.
  3. That was probably the best MAGFest I've been to. I've been to X and XI. Getting really sick flying home was not fun though.
  4. I'm really excited to get on the Nando's train. I'm gonna miss Baja Fresh--it was at least cheap and fast. I brought snacks this year but I gotta have a hot meal every now and again. I'm still incredibly butthurt about developing an allergy to shellfish so I will not be partaking in crabcakes or oysters
  5. Should mention that I am a go and my boyfriend is coming along with me!
  6. Zas' new remix of my favorite theme from Perfect Dark. So good.
  7. I unashamedly know (and sing along to) all of the Sonic vocal songs. ESPECIALLY Knuckles' raps. PUNKIN' IN DA ALLEY! Deadly Towers for the NES has some pretty horrible tunes but the ones that were good had a very Celtic flavor to them. Now if the game wouldn't stop the track and start it up again when you walked into a new room we probably could have enjoyed them a little more.
  8. Amazing and congrats, Mazedude! oh please god tell me that there won't be another microscope puzzle.
  9. Booster was my favorite new character in Super Mario RPG. "Drink punch...? Eat cake...? Sounds... complicated." Echoing the Negative Man/New Age Retro Hippie/Earthbound enemy love. Some of the stuff the guards used to say in Perfect Dark was pretty great. Like "bloody stupid gun!" when it would jam or "You BITCH!" when they'd die.
  10. Filled out! ...it made me look like I have a facebook addiction. ;-; I CAN STOP ANY TIME I WANT.
  11. Aw man, I missed it! I remember the year of EAremix, I was on a plane to Chicago and I only saw the aftermath. That has to be my favorite OCR stunt.
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