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  1. This is one of the only ways I can picture a Hell March mix working. The source is pretty bare, with just a few guitar riffs giving it identity. This mix has the beat and the guitars staying pretty close to home, and the orchestra that complements them perfectly.
  2. Lives up to the title. A nice groove. I absolutely loved the outro. I only wish the drums sounded a little more organic, meatier.
  3. My favorite tracks are Art of Zen, Nitronic (with a perfect synth solo), Standpipe Valve, Mindbender and Antigravity.
  4. I thought some more about these tracks. They're extremely pro-quality, not like the throwaway electronica you hear in club mixes. There's some real musicianship over the awesome beats. Can't wait for the CD.
  5. A variety of styles compared to the VG remixes of yours I know. Pre-ordered.
  6. This piece has great personality, and you can thank the excellent solo guitar work for that. The percussion is also very professionally done. Sometimes those beats sound like an afterthought to the "real" music, but every high-hat note seems chosen with care here. And I love the Vampire Killer easter egg.
  7. This was well put together, but it never achieves the driving power of the original. How awesome this would've been if GL had kept up the pace and the volume at the 1:30 passage. The start-stop phrases between 1:00 and 1:10 made me check to see if my Winamp was skipping. This is a very successful piece technically. I am sure that my stylistic criticisms are in the minority.
  8. Here, the goodness lies in the mood and quality of the sounds, not in the melody. It's very well put together and makes a nice ambient piece.
  9. So I checked. This is the same file found in the torrent. What happened to the "real" NMG?
  10. If this is old, which one is in the torrent? The "real" Next My Generation?
  11. It's hard to believe this is a collaboration piece, with how well the strokes blend together into such a cohesive tapestry. This is awesome.
  12. There is some good technique here. The arrangement is very faithful as well. Every nuance of the melody and background chords is maintained. The only gripe I have is slight deviations from the tempo as the pianist sets his fingers. A great live performance.
  13. I usually don't like electronic music, but this just grooves. It's a definite keeper. And Fei's death wail at the end brought back memories of serious ass-kicking.
  14. The styling of this one is impeccable. Very clubbish. I appreciate that the melody wasn't watered down from the original. This is a remix chiefly because the background chords were stripped of their latin flavor and given a convincing nightculb feel. The tempo has been slowed down just a little to bring it into the "danceable" 120bpm range. The lead instrument is a loud synth. This might have been a grating choice, but good use is made of effects and slides to make the synth sing. My favorite part of the entire piece is the extended wrapup, with "hit" samples woven into a typical snare-fill club pattern.
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