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  1. man, you must be cursed or something. i've never heard of anyone having this many problems connecting to the BT's.
  2. so do you mean you're having a problem with the torrents themselves now, or are you referring to the webpage problem?
  3. GAAAAAHH, 1251-1344 is stuck at 92% for me and another guy, can someone seed for a few hours please??
  4. thats an awesome idea. it'll really help set the mood for the two discs.
  5. I see your point. People can still choose to go the "hodgepodge" route even if there are matching album arts offered, right? I just think that we'll get comments on professionalism if we don't at least offer some matching stuff, and there are probably more people out there who would prefer the coordinated look. No biggie. i STRONGLY disagree with the "hodgepodge" route for the project's artwork. as professional as this production is sounding, it should have consistent graphic reprentation that reflects the theme of the project, as well as the level of quality. to accept a mish-mash of art with one piece looking photo-realistic, another done with pastels, and another with a completely different font-style, to me would denote the project consisting of country, classical, and techno. yes, it's easy to just take the submissions you get and combine them, but if there's any art direction to be given for this is that there should be ONE SINGLE THEME for all the art, just as there is one single theme for the music, and that is the Chrono Trigger movie. i do very much like the work that eon blue has done, but i think the overall theme could be tightened up a bit between the few of them. this site produces some amazingly professional work, and the art chosen to represent it should not be taken lightly.
  6. don't mean to throw things off, but i'm not crazy about the slight bevel on that doom font-- i think it'd look better if it were straight black & white. bevels tend to make type look like cheesy photoshop work.
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