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  1. My cousin did something similar to his wife, he played the Imperial March from Star Wars. Something like that is funny for about five seconds, and then you're left thinking oh god why. I'm really not familiar with Terranigma, but I think the Hometown theme, at least, would be good for a reception. As for Zelda, that's also something we're looking at. My fiancee actually is thinking about the LttP's credits as her processional theme. If not, we'll use it during the reception. Still a bit too churchy, also a bit too busy. Part of why I'm looking at 8-16 bit era stuff is nostalgia as well as fidelity. I really like chip music, and how it's low fidelity, and how it's more about developing a melody than a soundscape. Nah, too cheesy. I think that might be overdoing it. Sadly, never played Earthbound. My fiancee has, so she might really like the suggestion. I like what I'm hearing.
  2. Thanks a lot, that's really helpful. I also now need to high five Larry at Otakon.
  3. Good suggestions. I completely forgot about Wily's Wedding, I think I can definitely use that for the reception. For the Mega Man 4 epilogue, I'll need to check out the original version of the track. I'm curious what it originally sounded like. That's perfect. Totally usable. Fiancee has already identified this as a potential. She also wanted to use Dark World. It might be the version I listened to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTlT8zGQwwU But when I listen to it, it gives me this vibe like it's set in a cathedral, during a wedding or coronation or something like that. It's a good song, but it doesn't quite have the happy/nostalgic/romantic quality I'm searching for.
  4. Congrats, i hope you and your fiance have a wonderful life together and a great wedding :3

  5. Good suggestion. FF is one of the ones that we're looking at a bit. My fiancee was thinking about using Terra for something, but we decided it sounded a little too melancholy. I agree, to a point. It does have a very church-like quality to it, but we're trying to avoid that. We're not having it in a church, and we're not having it religiously affiliated. Well that's what we're looking for, a degree of nostalgia. I've never heard of this, and I really couldn't see this being used in any fashion. It doesn't have to be exclusively 8 or 16 bit, Final Fantasy VII and VIII are on my list of things to scour over. FFVIII in particular has a couple things I'm considering, like "Where I Belong" and "Roses And Wine". Yeah, absolutely, it's already on my list. The Moon just screams everything that was happy and wonderful about old-school game music.
  6. So basically I'm getting married soon, and I'm looking for some game music to be played at our ceremony and during our cocktail hour. I'm looking primarily for stuff from the 8 and 16 bit era, NES, SNES, Game Boy, Genesis, etc. So far, I've selected the final ending theme from StarTropics as the main processional theme: And for the end of the ceremony for when we walk out, the ending theme from Super Mario Land: My fiancee was thinking about something Zelda for her procession, and there might also need to be something for before the procession starts. Other than that, I'm just looking for a bunch of old game music with a happy, nostalgic, possibly romantic quality for the reception. Ending themes in particular have the right general sound. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  7. I've been listening to Rayza's mixes quite a bit lately, so when I saw he had a new remix out, I knew it would be gold. And it is, great work Rayza. Wish I could elaborate, but I lack musical vocabulary, lets just say I think its very ravealicious.
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