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  1. Hey I'm sure you've noticed this about now but incase you didnt in you updated version in the first 2 or 3 seconds there is a very high pitched balloon whistle.
  2. I'm by no means a remixer of any sort but I have to say that was awesome. I really liked the way all the different materials and instruments really blended together despite being from completely different places. You have the uber ambient stuff, then it treads into trance/techno without leaving that frightning feeling of the castle behind. Combine that with the organ added to the tentative end and it makes my blood run cold. I hope to see an update soon.
  3. Cant go wrong with that. Do yourself a favor and listen to Kyle. Goat kicks @$$
  4. '96 is my personal fave but which ever the artist thinks it best for them to do. thank for helping out you guys
  5. It would be totally awesome for this KoF fave to be remixed and since I'm on the topic since there was a Street Fighter project someone should start up a King of Fighters one just wishful thinking though
  6. This is my personal favorite FF game and I think this sounds awesome. Other people are right when they say the sound quality is holding it back but I think it sounds good the way it is, sorda like a campy casino theme. I really enjoy it a lot. Keep plugging (i hope you do the town theme ) I look forward to the revision as soon as you get more feedback that isn't praising your awesomeness.
  7. while i can't really offer much in the way of technical suggestion or praise i will say this song was a joy to listen to and i personally believe this is ready to submit. sounds much better than your predecessors. This track is truely glorious and is now apart of my CV library. I would say it could use and extension to 3:00 but it doesn't necessarily need it. Thumbs up in my book
  8. Well if anyone cares to speculate This looks like a level tailored to CV. I fact in the red circle I painted looks to be a coffin standing up. Perhaps Simon Belmont might be in the cards......or my eyes are playing tricks on me and this is a Fire Emblem level.
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