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  1. I'm neither an expert on samples, clipping, high range low range, etc etc etc. But I do know what I like. Just wanted to drop a note here to say that I really enjoyed this one. Thank you very much for the music, I'm sure a lot of work went into it.
  2. Very very smooth...one of the few OCR songs that I've found myself listening to over and over and over after first downloading it because my brain just likes the sound and doesn't want to let go...that synth is like a drug for some reason...soooo lovely. Edit: which is not to say the other songs are crap, I mean listen to over and over on repeat.
  3. Very very very nice. This mix is so incredibly smooth, amazing work Vig. Every once in a while a song shows up here that just stops me in the middle of whatever I'm multitasking...a song that reaches through my conciousness and refuses to just be BGM. I have to agree that this is one of the finest guitar remixes I've heard on the site (and there are some VERY good guitar mixes here). Keep up the good work, I'll be listening for more.
  4. I doubt I'd ever be charged with being a Star-groupie...I've read some of his posts, but don't think I've ever posted in response. Just wanted to say that after having listening to this one a few more times, Star...I'm afraid I have to add you to my list of people I'm going to behead so I can absorb their power. Nothing personal. There can be only one....now if I can just get that darn lightsaber away from him first....
  5. Bizarre as all getout...but an awful lot of fun:0)
  6. Ok...I just heard the Gato track for the first time this evening, I don't know HOW the hell I missed it, but I'm glad it was mentioned in the review...that said... Um... This is unbelieveably cool. I haven't been so jazzed about a mix like this since Game Over's stellar Punch Out! piece. I listen to a lot of songs off the site...a lot. And I love many of them, but there are only a few that I just click with like this. Excellent work man, love the vocal tweaking ("ThouGH I am MADE from TItAnIUM" ) and the slightly-dopey voice...very nice stuff. I'm laughing out loud, and loving this as a piece of music at the same time...I keep missing sections of the lyrics though, because I start focusing on the fun music (Robo's theme one of the best in the game) and miss them. Will definately check out your other stuff (dunno how the heck I missed that either, must have slipped in during the period when I was new to Japan and not checking this site every day. (No 8 MPS ADSL and no OCR make the wombat go something something...) Edit: Have realized I've got some of your other stuff sitting on the ole' MP3 player...just didn't realize it was you:0)
  7. Yo...check the location! It may be 7:45 Eastern...but what time is it in Japan?
  8. I actually liked all the sound manipulation in this piece...as I rule I've never really cared for the kung fu "ah!" or whatever you want to call it...and that sometimes rubs me the wrong way in this piece...but what do I know? I'm just a consumer not a remixer... Other than that, I'd have to say that I really like it, it has some really good energy! Good stuff!
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