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  1. You people commenting on the distortion have obviously never played using a distortion pad, it is so hard to get right, this remix is great, i like the whole spanish feel to it, very layed back and mellow. great job.
  2. Wow im so glad someone has done a remix for this game, it was one of my first ever megadrive games and one of my all time favorites that is often overlooked, this remix is nice, sticks close enough to the original for you to remember it instantly but remixed enough to make it sound even better than before. Good work a+
  3. Wow, this is a really good mix, im not sure how id describe it but it certainly is powerful and brings back lots of memorys and emotions about the game, great work.
  4. This was one of the first oc remixes i ever heard, and it still remains on eof my favorites. great job
  5. Wow this song is amazing, you have totally outdone yourself this time, really WOW, the new vocals and that distortion kind of effect are amazing with those drums quietly playing all the way through. A+
  6. Nice remix, i love the build up in the intro leading into that bass, excellent.
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