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  1. It's almost as if you have to search for the original theme, but it's at the tip of those pillars of notes, which makes this mix seem so real. It's really very nice. nice and bouncy. 9/10
  2. It also dissapoints me being that this is the only mix uploaded for Final Fantasy V. It was an extreemly good game (though I never finished it). Squaresoft actually TRIED to make a good game, and a good game is what they got. As for the peice, damn, this makes me want to go out and buy the sound tract. This was one of my favorite peices in the entire game. The extra drums in the background and the synthisiser used for the main theme was an excelent combo. Makes me want to dance. The convergence to the second part is wonderful. Gives you an entire 'ghost ship' feeling. (which, I belive during the part of the game this was played, you were on a ghost ship). The horn is very pretty. The rising points where if it was drawn out a bit longer, it would sound horrible, but for the short 'blips' it has for each note makes it sound like magic. 9.5/10
  3. Although it starts up reminding me of another song, this song is wonderful. (I had it running through my head all day!) Your voice is perfect for this peice. The beat is fast, but the calm and soothing voice slows it down and makes me feeling like I'm floating. 10/10!!
  4. Wow, this peice is so nice. It's just bouncy enough to think it was actually in the game. The beat just makes me want to clap my hands!!
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