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  1. Btw, in case anyone else sees a 'bug' saying the song is 23:57, it's not. It's just under 3 minutes. Anyways, SO really never was a game I could get into, but that doesn't mean it was terrible. It's a great game, with a nice action-rpg battle system. The music also was VERY excellent, and a big kudos to remixing this. Also, I really like how much it stuck to the source material. On this site, you'd practically expect a techno version of Rena's theme, huh?
  2. Actually, there isn't any REAL elements of the Zero songs in here. You might think so because the stage started with Zero in it, but that was the same music track as the rest of the level.
  3. Finally a semi-Zero mix. I would've preferred the song to be a bit faster (to better reflect the actual source song, which is Sigma's first stage). It is reminiscient of Zero though, in that this stage did after all heavily involve him. (And is that a hint of MM2 I hear at the end..? hm...) The samples are actually nice. Very reminiscient of snes music. but can we PLEASE get a dedicated Zero mix?
  4. I would kill to see what he could do with the Mega Man X series. In my opinion, the MMX games have so much awesome music, some even better than MM2's soundtrack.
  5. This is a good remix, but seeing as how I like listen to the Water Theme daily, I really wished it could have been more true to the original, with a stronger/louder melody, and redone drums to make them A) more subtle and more true. Otherwise, great.
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