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  1. I think it's obvious why I squeal like a little girl every time I see Protricity's name on the main page. omfg, this rocks my socks. Everytime the original melody pops up I get flashbacks of that nightmare of a boss fight, which I've never managed to beat because it's so insanely hard. This mix captures the whole feel of that fight for me- it's light and easy for about two seconds before it turns around and TOTALLY kicks your arse and doesn't stop until you're lying on the floor twitching. It's intense, INSANE, and changes up more than K. Rool's pattern. I love it.
  2. Holy sweet merciful crap this is awesome. First and foremost, you made Wild Canyon the chorus. Wild Canyon is my favorite Knuckles tune EVER. That makes me so happy. In fact this entire song makes me giggle with glee. The reworked lyrics, the chorus (^_____^), the shout outs to random Sonic stages, and all of the little references and details make this a real treat to listen to. Creative, groovy, fun, and all around top tier.
  3. This is good stuff. I recognized the original right off the bat, but it still mixes things up really well. I love the bit at around 1:45 when the main melody comes in really muted and quiet and builds up to 2:14, where it really starts to kick ass and you get bowled over by a solid wall of yummy trance. Suddenly all I could think off was Sonic speedin' down the racetrack in that spiffy little flying car thing, grabbing rings and knocking all of the enemy cars off the track and into the starry oblivion. Man, Twinkle Cart is the coolest amusement park ride EVER. *cough* Anyway, this is a very cool, very fun mix, and it makes me wanna play my favorite stage in Sonic Adventure again.
  4. The second this started up I knew I would love it. Ya know that bit at 1:45? It gave me shivers. This an excellent piece, and an awesome mix to end the year with.
  5. I'm loving that funky guitar sound! And I really like how this song occasionally breaks down into just a single instrument or two only to come back in your face a few moments later. This is a really great tune, and definately a keeper.
  6. Oh, wow. Oh... wow. This is just... wow. I'm floored. Beautiful samples (the brass sounds real!!), beautiful composition, beautiful everything! I love it!
  7. According to the modified date on my computer, it's officially been one year since I first heard this (yeah I'm a freak be quiet), and it's still my favorite vg remix. It stays close to the original (which rocks on its own) but does plenty of other neato stuff to keep you roped in. I can't get enough of it- 5 minutes, 32 seconds and it still feels too short. Ah, well, that's what the repeat button on my CD player is for. Anyway, anyone who's played DKC2 will recognize this tune the second it starts, and then it really takes off with some awesome drums that still blow me away. Then that gorgeous piano comes in with the main melody... ok, kids, I'm not the world's biggest piano fan, but holy crap that sound is beautiful. The piano is joined by a nifty synthy sound playing the second part of the melody. Both instruments flow together SO well. And remember that little 5 note idea that played behind the melody in the original? That pops in all of a sudden at 1:50. It gave me shivers the first time I heard it, too. At 2:50, we break. I love that part. And then it's back into the melody, where piano plays around and mixes things up a bit. The ending is sublime, even if I still don't want it to end. This song is absolutely jam packed with layers and layers of sound, and it all just works. Total bliss, I tell you.
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