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  1. This would include solos as well as pieces like Dr. Wily's Wedding which have piano as the main instrument with some accompaniment. On that topic? Do you think there should be a genre search on OC Remix?
  2. How about a Team Rocket color pallette? Hat turns black, shirt turns black with a red T on it.
  3. Considering how there doesn't seem to be a change in Wario's animation from the landing to the smash, it's likely to be a wavedash (if the physics from Melee are applied, so of course it's not 100%). The animation might also be so fluid that we can't "see" that he's switching from "land" to "run". In that case, he's simply running after landing. However, (assuming Melee physics again) I don't think we can say that he's sliding down the incline. You wouldn't slide down a much steeper incline in Melee (example: right side of yoshi's island, the super mario world stage). Also, with regards to the sliding boxes argument, look closely at the pictures Sakurai posted: the boxes have wheels. This is why they will slide in Brawl, and it does not follow that we can apply this principle to the characters.
  4. If we can assume that the graphical effects from Melee were merely touched up and not completely redone, and if we can also assume that horizontal momentum does stop after landing from a jump in the new engine, then yes. It's a wavedash.
  5. I have a friend like this, and yes, at times it can seem like he's "addicted" to WoW (although I'm not sure I know what the word means anymore after glancing over this thread). These two things helped him downgrade from addiction to hobby: 1) Teach him how to play another strategy game with just as many options. For example: Magic: The Gathering, Starcraft, Command & Conquer, etc. Great wastes of time and money, and hopefully he'll switch his budget over to the new game or pick his WoW months. It's also helpful to learn this new game with him, so it'll be more important to him. 2) Remind him that no matter how good he gets at WoW, he probably won't win money. Then point him to a gaming community like Halo 2, Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, or Super Smash Bros. Melee, which are (comparably) easier to learn and tougher to master (opinion). Note: Where exactly is the enjoyment factor in WoW? If leveling up is not a thrill for me, is there even a game to be had? I personally prefer zero-sum competitive games because they are just as stimulating (as far as combat strategy) and there's so much less information!
  6. This was used in Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection for SF3: 3rd Strike. You could save a 'replay' of any versus match (it just saved the input and the characters, then played it back). However, sometimes the data would become 'corrupt'... The problem with it is that it didn't really become corrupted, but rather it wasn't registering all of the player input because of button mashing or something similar. I can only hope the same problem doesn't happen if they did something similar for Brawl... New Snapshot mode with short (or long) video options?
  7. Stage 1 of the most recent beat-em-up game ever. Please?
  8. Although I didn't really believe this to be a 'solo piano mix', It's still a great Mix nonetheless. Reuben Kee, in the name of the United States Armed Forces, I salute you!
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