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  1. I have heard and I agree with the 'let's not make Harry a Harriette' thing.
  2. Ditto! I was trying to read that as well and got off with exact same info! I thought that was pretty cool, but I was half expecting to see like the GameFAQs page for the game to be on the screen, lol. About PH being in the movie though I don't think its totally out of place and useless. If you really think about it PH is supposed to be an executioner of sorts in the general sense of the way in the game(hence the "executioner" type mask thing on his head) so it would be plausible to have him in the movie as Alessa's executioner of revenge. I don't think I'm too far off as this was a pretty large point in the game itself if I'm correct. My sentiments exactly. If it was apart of Alessa's revenge then why did Dahlia have control over him?Because to little girls mother's are gods? So it was more like Dahlia telling her daughter she should die, and Alessa listening and actually controlling PH. I dunno. I was thinking about this same thing last night and that was the best explanation I could come up with.
  3. My brief summary: It was great until it became dialouge heavy. And I was waiting for one of the cult/church members to say "She turned me into a newt!" When you watch the movie you'll know what I mean.
  4. Can anyone direct me to a list of sorts for movies that "inspired" SH games in some way. I saw the movie Repulsion (1965) by Roman Polanski this week-end for the first time in a very long time and I couldn't help but think of Silent Hill 4 the whole time. I give this a resounding YES. Am I the only one who thinks this looks really lame? The arms, I mean. They look... plastic. Although, in an interview I read, they were supposed to make them platic and/or rubbery, just like they are in the game. Like, shiny. I'm very sceptical to this. Eh, I don't think to much of it. I've learned that movie stills usually only give a rough idea of what the actual scene will look like on the screen. The arms in question might very well look better when moving or seen in context.
  5. Amazing work guys. Every track, in my humble opinon, is truly awesome. Yeah, awesome.
  6. Until Silent Hill: The Movie: The Game destroys all hopes of SH every saving any face ever again. Now that's just being stupid... It's not likely that it will happen because Konami is being very careful with the Silent Hill license, so a game would only be produced by Team Silent. It was meant to be a bad joke...but what you said was correct anyways.
  7. Until Silent Hill: The Movie: The Game destroys all hopes of SH every saving any face ever again.
  8. Interesting intro on the trailer. Different than what I've heard before. I can see some references peeking through. (Born from a Wish, anyone?) Unfortunately, the voice acting needs to be tightened. The main character's voice is a little bland (contains few vocal embelishments) and it really sounds staged during the line "Is anybody... here." Sorry, but the voice sounds too much like a high school stage production. The dialogue also needs to given a thorough scrub-down as some lines are both repetative and unnatural-sounding. I seriously would think about rewording the line "This has to be a dream. But, why... why am I so scared?" It's much too cliche' for my tastes. Although, I do want to compliment you on the great job of music and background sound effects. I see some potential to be a really good fan-fiction work. If it helps, use the Kyodan works made for Silent Hill 4 by Akira Yamaoka for inspiration. (Mind the fact that they are not in English, but take the tone of the reading from it.) Just make sure to give the script a close review and revision and to do multiple takes when recording. On a personal note, (maybe its just due to a lack of a script or full context, but) I'd like to see the story taken in a sightly different direction. I've seen too many takes on the "I don't remember how I got here" plot from fan-fictions. I suggest that as you write the script to consider what you want the audience to get out off this drama after the writing is complete. Think about where you are starting from, both as the writer and as if you were an audience member. Think about the steps that you have to take to reach the desired goal (what is to be paid off from listening). Let someone else read (out loud) the script before recording to make sure it sounds right. This helps especially if the reader doesn't know what the work is. It helps in knowing where to clearify, if the work flows well, if it makes sense and if you ultimately reach your point/twist/philosophy/ect. If I sound snobby, it's just to make sure you not only work hard, but work smart. Peace, love and good luck! Thanks for the feedback. A lot of what you said does ring true after reading your post. It's so hard to get honest feedback these days, ya know? Just to let you know that we will continue to be changing the script, plot, characters, ect. We also hope to find a better voice actor (as you have noted, I'm not the best). Hey, maybe you'd be interested? Heh.
  9. Well, my friend and I have been working on an original Silent Hill radio drama thing. While the script isn't close to being finished we did manage to whip up a nice little trailer. Silent Hill Trailer We'd really appreciate any comments, feedbacks, ideas, ect ect. Our Silent Hill RP webpage Our RP production page Hopefully we will be able to do SH justice.