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  1. Maybe I'll just be short and sweet in this one.... WOW! (like swooning wow)
  2. Very nice piece. Great choice of instruments. I'd have to agree with Ginnsu on the ending. I found myself sitting, enjoying the music, then all of the sudden, "Huh?!" Thought the power went out or something. Very abrupt. Overall though, nicely done.
  3. Is it wrong that when I first listened to this I broke into a fit of giggles? This is hilarious! But, it's great! Very interesting interpretation of a classic. Great piano work. Glad you went with the organ instead of the guitar. Around 2:20 and 5:10 I found myself almost forgetting that this was a "lounge" arrangement. Almost felt like it was getting ready to take on a different form. (My brain kept wanting to put in critiques for a trance feel.) Anyways, very clever. Very nice sound. Something you have to be in the mood for though as it's kind of unique. PS. You weren't playing "The Sims" when you got your inspiration for this, were ya? Scary similarities to this and some BGM for that game.
  4. I downloaded this thinking "Hmm...this looks kinda familiar." Brought back some great memories of a great game. Excellent mix!
  5. A friend of mine sent me a recommendation for the long version of this mix. Downloaded it and I love it! It's fabulous! (And I've never even played the game, nor heard of it until I checked out this mix. Don't hurt me.) My fav is about halfway through where the beat switches up on ya but it still all comes back together in the end. Well done!
  6. Great job guys! One of my favs. I'm looking forward to your next collaboration. Majin, listen to it a few more times.
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