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  1. Certainly one of the greats. If anyone should have recognition in the industry for their music, he's certainly one of the strongest contenders with so many classics under his belt.
  2. Fxeni

    Spider-Man 3

    Well, I saw it, and I found it was ok... not all that good, but it could've been worse. The whole Harry plotline, while inaccurate to the comics, was well executed in the context of the movies. Venom... let's not get into Venom. If I had one word for it, it would be "disappointment". Which is saying a lot, considering I went in expecting it to be bad, based upon the track record of the other 2 movies.
  3. Well, pretty much the only reason I could come up with for the change in voice actor for Grey Fox was that they wanted the two characters to sound different. Which is too bad really, considering he sounded better in the original, I find. Now, the only thing that peeved me off about TTS was the soundtrack. I didn't like it compared to the original version. The over the top cutscenes were cheesy at times, but some of them were quite entertaining, like the scene with Grey Fox slicing the soldiers up for example.
  4. Fxeni

    The 2D Fighter Thread

    Most of my experience with fighting games is with my friends, otherwise I haven't had the pleasure of going up against others in the arcades. I mean, it's fun and all, but after a while of just the same people it gets kinda dull. The problem is the arcades around here very rarely have 2D fighting games anymore, and when they do, the only people I've ever seen at the game was either myself or my aforementioned friends. As for my playing ability, I'm decent as far as I can see, but I know that there are loads and loads of people that would be able to wipe the floor with me, no question about it.