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  1. I just wanted to let everyone know I like St. Elmo's Fire. By John Parr, you know. Great, great song.
  2. I suppose the problem popularity presents is its conflation with value. The heights that single works of art can reach these days are staggering. A CD of lame, trite trash can sell millions worldwide these days--that's the common example. Yet little if anything at all truly deserves to produce so much income, or have so much spent on its mass production and marketing. It's merely a massive population, technological marvel, and simple barriers of scope and choice that place a limited selection of texts (songs included), both remarkable and unremarkable, in the popular domain. Take heart, chthonic, the problem will be mostly solved when all information eventually becomes free and widely available.
  3. Maybe I'm mixed up here, but aren't component cables only compatible with early Gamecube models? Just a slight precaution, maybe.
  4. I might post something in the next 7 hours.
  5. leokef

    Sony PS3

    I'd say supply and demand are nearly at equilibrium. I myself walked into Best Buy a couple days ago and found a pyramid of twenty or so with only a few missing by the doors. This was late in the evening, mind you. If only I had six hundred dollars.
  6. It's good you're back. Your chances of being blown up by an Iraqi insurgent have fallen to nearly zero.
  7. I'm sorry, we appreciate Decrescendo's service and all, but if you read the forum's description it clearly states it is for discussion of oc remixes, games, music, anime and similar things... and unless his ship stopped in Zanarkand to battle Sin, I'm afraid introduction threads are a no go.
  8. I'm sorry you guys, really I am... explanations are great and all, but if you read the description for this forum you'll notice it is specifically for oc remixes, games, music, anime and similar topics... and unless you're explaining how Rikku can see shit through spiral irises, I'm afraid this just won't fly here. Locked.
  9. Has anyone seen Silent Hill on blu-ray? I'm just curious as to what the experience is like--I loved the film's visuals myself.
  10. I know Something Awful started the comparison, but could we not link horrific porn to Silent Hill, please? Even in a comparison that is meant to be insulting to the porn?
  11. Yeah, he's confirmed as in the movie. You needn't cross your fingers, except maybe for the general quality of the film as a whole.
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