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  1. I have to admit, when I first saw the review for this reMix, I said to myself "Vocals >.>.." My expirences with OCR with vocals hasnt been good. I finally gave it a shot and found myself listening to this song 24-7. Its soo easy to imagine Robo actually singing this, which is what really makes this song a true classic at OCR ^__^. I reccommend this to everyone!
  2. Hehe, you know, I actually hesitated downloading this reMix for a while because it wasnt Christmas time yet. Im glad I downloaded it now thou. Its got the Christmas beat everyone loves. Its a song you could easily imagine yourself drinking hot cocoa too on a Christmas Night, in front of a fire next to a loved one . Awesome song!
  3. Sad but true. I think this is a great remix and everyone should download it and see for themselves. As already said, its got a great bassline and the "asian cords" give this song a type of ninja environment. Around 2:03 it starts to pick up and really gets ya groovin'. Truely an awesome remix, keep it up Gecko Yamori.
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