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  1. In general, I don't think you can discuss difficult bosses until you've played the SaGa series.
  2. The problem is PvP servers, not the game in general. The game is a lot more fun and relaxing when you can do as you please without assholes ruining everything.
  3. I don't know if it counts as a boss battle, technically, as it is the final strategic batte that ends the 70 year story of Gustave XIII, but I'll say The Battle of South Moundtop from Saga Frontier 2. Earlier in this thread, I stated the battle that ends the other half of the game, but I think TBSM is flat out unreasonably difficult.
  4. Chaos, from Unlimited Saga. You fight some sort of variation of him at the end of each character's game, and on most of the paths, he is just a giant bitch. HUGE BITCH, I say. The fight is just really, really long, it is hard to do more than a few points of LP damage per turn, and his last forms hit all of your characters for about 2-3 LP, and he can attack up to 5 times per turn. Oh yeah, and LP can't be restored at all, the most anyone has is 17, and there is no effective way to heal HP (which only acts as a barrier to increased LP loss.)
  5. I really like it. While there are complaints about long periods of non-arrangement, there is still quite a bit of original stuff in the first minute and the last minute. Also helping this piece is that the battle theme is not on the original Square made piano collections, thus even a non-arranged version is filling in a needed gap. The variations are original, but also clearly show the portions that they are based on. Very good job.
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