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  1. It's extremely refreshing to see a professional band, with very talented musicians, making a remix like this. I second the sentiment of a previous poster about most mixes on this site being done my gamers who happen to know how to press buttons on a software synth. This shows that there are talented people out there who still care enough to make cool VG remixes. This, since I first heard it, has been right up there with my other favorite, "Spekkio the Brave" by Spekkosaurus.
  2. Speaking of being brave... I figured it was a very brave and bold move to put a bagpipe remix on the site. There wouldn't happen to be any other brave souls who do those kinds of things, are there...? Since I downloaded all the mixes from BitTorrent, I was just listening to all of them back to back, so at first listen all I glanced at was the "Chrono Trigger" part of the title. Then I heard the pipes come in, and I thought, "Which song could this be remixing...?" Then I recognized the Spekkio theme... I'll be honest, I just started laughing out loud, because that was the LAST song I figured would be redone with bagpipes. Very cool stuff.
  3. The Gemini Man stage music was MADE for a salsa remix. It's also the best stage music in the game. McVaffe somehow makes it better with this mix, however. It's strange, though, that the Gemini Man stage is the one with the famous graphical and sound glitch, where you can turn off the music. I usually utilize this glitch when I play, so I don't hear the music most of the stage. That's me, though, taking a cool glitch over cool music... However, if it was McVaffe's song in the game, well...
  4. Ugh... definitely do NOT listen to this with headphones. Very painful. Still, interesting mix to say the least. The intro is a bit long, but I still like it. It's not so long that I forget that I'm listening to a Mute City mix. I give it an 8 out of 10.
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