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  1. After listening to this song so much for so long, I now have Star Ocean: First Departure and I was standing around in a nice peaceful village after some sad scenes and the tune for that town was the original version of this song. The lyrics of this song fit a certain character very well, and the song in whole is wonderfully done and faithful to the source material. I would be hesitant to listen to a fan song with vocals, but this one was a pleasant surprise from the very beginning.
  2. I love this piece! Why else would I burn it onto a cd? Sure, I also have the instrumental version but that's because I like trying to sing it myself too. The main guy's vocals is what I had problems with but over time they have become an aquired taste. Oh and I'm trying to get my female friend to sing this piece with me sometime.
  3. I was going to say this but I recently beat him by giving in and doing the bloody armor method. It was still a pain though. I'm going to go with Freya in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time now. Can't wait for THAT on 4D mode. Wooo a boss with 60,000,000 HP. If I can do at least 1,000,000 HP of damage each minute the fight won't be longer then an hour!
  4. This is what I have been missing. I love the pace of the song anf the mix of the different tunes. Ballad of the Windfish remains to be a strong and favorite part of this for me. The sound of it in here just works. Just think of a moment that I found this track when searching for songs that featured one of the other tunes that were put in this.
  5. Get it. If you like this genre and have a thing for catchy tunes, give it a listen. When I saw another remix for my favorite series, I had to hear it. When I was reading the review on it, I was a little put off to hear it was something with lyrics, but from what I read, I was still hopeful. My problem with a remix having lyrics is that most I have heard were rap (Which isn't a bad thing, I just don't care for it) or the singer's voice wasn't enjoyable for me. I almost never listened to anything with lyrics on this site so the first time I was simply listening to how everything and trying to ca
  6. Well...I didn't like most of the remixes but I can see that they were very good. It's just not my taste in music. I do keep 3 of the songs on a play list though, Emerald Nights, Aquatic Project, and Next My Generation. They be teh fun ones.
  7. Only a few songs every make it to my playlist and stay. Even fewer do I put on cds to listen to where ever I want. This is one such song. The quick pase and changing sounds draws me and won't let go. I even listen to this while in class when taking math tests. Helps so much!
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