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  1. As of lately this has been my favorite song for quite some time. I know the first few posts were years ago but I don't know what some of those people are thinking... Anyhow, I downloaded this song a while ago. When I first listened to it, it didn't appeal to me much even though I am very familiar with the lost woods melody in Zelda; I don't know why but a month later when I played thru the entire song I have just been lovin it. Being that I am a 7year trumpet player, the trumpet melody is very aspiring. The drums is very hip and makes you wanna bop your head sometimes. I do bump this song from time to time in my car while I'm cruising. Great work, would love to hear more if you're still around Ben. and to the person who compared this song with city skyscrapers, that's a really good analogy.
  2. i kinda have to agree with this. the original has a nice hip beat that you could jam out to in your car or whereever. this remix took that away and i am most definitely not a big fan of the distortion in the end.
  3. what a great jazz tune to listen to while driving or simply while at home working on chores. i have always been a lover of the darkworld theme song in zelda3. i have been a trumpet player for about 7 years. the trumpet actually sounds very good in my opinion. a great job done on picking and fitting the correct notes for the swing style to this song. Around 1minute and 8seconds is my favorite part of the swing. I would prefer some gliss but none is alright. i would also prefer a bit more improvising of the trumpet; the song seems to end too quickly for a jazz song. but for what it has right now, it's great and i listen to it a lot.
  4. i know this is an old remix song. im new to this site. ive downloaded quite a bit off ocremix. i have to say, this is one of the best remixes i have downloaded. my favorite so far even though i prefer final fantasy music. it has a nice relax yet kinda hiphop feel to it which i love. like the previous reply, i love how you mix into the song at the beginning from the original music. everything is balanced and the melody is heard very well and the improvised piano is beautiful. the person who made this has alot of talent. i look forward to hearing your other remixes.
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