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  1. I haven't been to the OCR boards in years, but I just wanted to shout-out pixietricks for flagging me down on Saturday morning (I was wearing an OCR shirt). It was cool to chat with all of you people, even if it was mega-brief. Here's to more intermingling at the next MAG!
  2. Man, this topic is ooooooollllllld... but I haven't been to OCR in a long time, and after seeing the RE2 remix on the front page right now, I was just kinda curious to see what people had to say about this song. Honestly, I would give most of the credit to Daknit for this song (which puts us in a funny position). I'm just really happy that people actually liked my sitar part, as I thought I didn't play it all that well. Just wanted to say thanks for the encouragement! Who knows, maybe I'll be motivated enough to put my own mix together.
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