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    Is this game worth it? My friend invited me over to watch him play it, and I thought the plot was brilliant, but my fiancé thought otherwise.
  2. Okay, I didn't buy the game, but I did get it for the single player. I'm sorry, but multiplayer just seemed absolutely foreign considering the nature of metroid games. I always look for the campaign mode in games, not the multiplayer.
  3. I went through and read some of the posts and they posed some very reasonable arguements. I will have to say, despite the first part of the game, that Corruption did have a metroid feel to it, particularly in the SkyTown area. And the fact that almost all of your allies in the beginning turn against you, made it a bit better. But I agree with what someone said about there being a lack of solitude in the game. I consider Samus Aran my role-model because she is so independent, and doesn't give a fuck what everyone else says or does. And I felt that was lacking in this game. Again, I love the game, I'm not dissing it. I can't wait till I beat it. Oh, and they need to make another hand-held metroid game other than that Hunters piece of shit.
  4. Everyone knows I am a huge metroid fan, and I haven't had time to read the other posts, but I'm roughly ten hours into the game, but in the beginning, I was highly disappointed by the non-metroid feel of being in someone's alliance. Did anyone else get this weird feeling? (By the way, I'm not knocking it, I absolutely love the game.)
  5. Heh, yeah I'll have to admit that on regular, Metroid Prime was fairly easy. I mean, compared to Super Metroid, and below, where you had NO FREAKIN IDEA where to go, and you had to figure it out yourself. Now that...that is hard. Haha.
  6. I've actually been having to replay through it. Damn insufficient memory card space...haha, I transfored my game over to my brother's card, because I had no room left on mine to play some other game and he erased it. I haven't had a chance to play it on Hard Mode. I need to work on that sometime.
  7. Amen to that. Haha. I had like...13 hours I think on Metroid Prime. Talk about taking your time to enjoy a game. Haha.
  8. This site has a video of someone beating the game in 38 minutes on the game clock. First time fighting Death in Lament of Innocence was pretty bad, wasn't even expecting the fight, so I used everything up fighting Walter. So with sub weapons useless against Death as well, he pretty much kicked my ass. .......Damn! I'm a retard compared to those speed-demons! They must have hit their wits end after accomplishing those records! ...I'm not worthy......How could you do this to me, Hamster? Haha, awww, poor Shen_long...They make me look really bad too. Lowest I ever got was like 5 hours. But I'm proud of my 1:30 in Zero Mission .