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  1. I see this project is still going... Arek, I think you've invested too much time into this project. What's it been, four years? Five? Release it and get it behind you.
  2. Seems paypal can accept donations by credit card directly. That's the kind of solution I was looking for. Consider this thread resolved.
  3. KWarp

    Nintendo DS

    DS ships 20 million in Japan, so its probably sold 19-something. Hooray.
  4. Enough trial and error found me a solution to that. Bell shaking only registers when you hold the wii remote vertically, and thrust forward and back, NOT left and right. I also had trouble with the fishing controls. Still have no idea how they work. SPOILERS Boss 2 I died a couple of times fighting the ice boss. Apparently there are multiple ways the action can occur. Essentially, either Captain Rose attempts to flee and gets frozen, or she doesn't. I've beaten the boss if she doesn't get frozen, but can't win when she does. Ideas?
  5. When it comes to choosing the operating system, it really comes down to which OS you know best, and which OS your friends know best. I favor macs because my family uses them, and I know an expert who taught me every OS trick in the book. Mac software is very good if you know how to use it properly. In your case, in terms of hardware, you might not want to go with Mac. Most mac models (except the Mac Pros) have no way to upgrade anything but the RAM and maybe the hard drive.
  6. I'm building a website for a client for his non-profit organization, and he's asking for some pretty advanced stuff. I'm curious if there are webhosts that cover the all of the following features: 1) domain name purchase/transfer 2) server hosting (naturally) 3) "email@domain_name.com" and automatic forwarding 4) A way to accept donations by credit card Number 4 is beyond my expertise, and credit card security is a big issue. Are there web hosts that provide a secure payment service?
  7. KWarp

    Nintendo Wii

    This game will probably become the next Phoenix Wright where limited manufacturing makes it extremely valuable for a few months. Its really a quality title.
  8. KWarp

    Free Rice

    I like this website a lot. Its elegant simplicity and positive mission is absolutely brilliant. Level 32 and 160 grains. meh
  9. KWarp

    Nintendo Wii

    Really GHIII Wii should be $80 due to less technology in the Guitar in combination with Wii's standard $50 games. Still, I'll cut my losses and be grateful GH Wii was cheaper at all. Zack & Wiki for the win.
  10. Quirky, inventive, stylish. This game impresses right from the get-go. At $40, this game is a great proposition.
  11. Been reading interviews on Mario Galaxy lately. I wonder if Brawl could have a miniplanet-like stage.
  12. Cool, I'll check it out. Question: Why call it "Zombies Rocked my Neighbors" if there's no Zombies Ate my Neighbors cover in the album?
  13. KWarp

    Xbox 360

    Why are Xbox 360 wireless goodies so freaking expensive? $100 for a wireless adapter, $50 per controller. Rock Band actually wired some of their instruments to keep costs down. What's going on?
  14. Finished the game. SPOILERS Very good but level design is lacking. Also, many parts of the game I genuinely disliked like most of Bryyo. Controls were very good. Happy with the combat parts of the game. Good last boss.
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