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  1. I've enjoyed this remix ever since I first heard it. Great job!
  2. Finally! Another KH remix! I really enjoyed this mix, particularly the flute section. Around 1:40 is also really great. I would've rather had this as the music for the level in the game. 5/5.
  3. I love this song so much. You know you like it when you catch yourself singing along to it, and not making any mistakes... I give it a 9.9/10.
  4. It's not really a remix at all, more like a parody (Weird Al style).. I'll bet if the composer of the Zelda theme heard this, he'd be really insulted. This "song" nearly ruined every other Zelda remix I've ever heard, due to the fact that when I'd hear a Zelda remix, I'd think of "The Music of My Groin." Even humorwise it's pretty lacking. For example, the Team Gato remix is hilarious, and hangs this out to dry. I could understand how someone under the age of 10 could find this funny though, I mean, he basically repeats "groin" for a minute straight, with a few extraneous words thrown in for good measure.
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