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  1. I'm not too much into metal these days but this track is one of the best on SNES, that I can think of. So, any interpretation of it will interest me, and this is not bad at all. I'm going to listen to this in the gym. Thanks. It's the end boss.
  2. I think I first downloaded this song last year...regardless, it seems particularly fitting, now & again, as we're approaching yet another new year. I'd dare to say that the Lullaby might just be one of the best remixes at OCR, despite my not remembering the original tune that well at all.
  3. Two apparently contradicting notes to offer; -This new remix cannot compete/hold a candle to/with the NewAgeGypsy- version IMHO.However,considering how much it rocked,one should not get stressed out over that. -SNES JS remixes are needed.I´m thankful for this contribution.Very good,overall. Keep it up.
  4. Happy new year. And;it has been a while since I spotted a new remix which immediately made me think "I simply have to check this one out". And Ducktales is one of those gems that simply does not get too much attention (not to mention it´s sequel). It´s kind of sad that it´s the moon song that gets remixed the most (which is obvious,since it leaves a notable track) but regardless of all that,this is a great piece of work.Granted that it is not too brave in interpretation but a beautiful take on an old classic.
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