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  1. Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts? Please. It's called superglide. Superglide over to him as soon as he teleports to do Sin Harvest, hit him, and he won't do it. Once you get it down, kinda easy, IMO. Hardest boss as of late? Ozma from FFIX was a pain. But hardest boss of all time? I dunno. Never really got to the hard bosses (Tyson, Death, etc.) from old games.
  2. This song only got five reviews? Anything that can turn SMB music into something so ominous and makes you see Mario and Luigi being in the Mafia is l33t in my book. Seriously, the song rocks. One of my favorites, easy.
  3. The piano bit at the beginning is some bit...(edited for content - very good ^^) work. Props to MC. I like how you were able to slow down the original fast-tempoed B4U into the remix. It sounds like an entirely different song, almost, but with enough reliance to show the remix factor. Not that it's a good or bad thing, just noteworthy. I don't think you're relying on the original song too much, and what's the point of a remix if it's an entirely new song? But anyway. Lyrics... well, okay, they were lame. ^^ But they flowed, I'll give you that. Complaints? None come to mind. I've been able to listen to it on repeat for a while several times since I downloaded it. Although I dunno, the ending is kinda iffy. Just seems like a cut would've worked better than a fade-out. But that's just me, and nothing that makes it not worth listening to. Cookie points: -The "play" before the piano bit was a nice touch. -Nice spin on the title.
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