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  1. ......(wait for it).......OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! this is a EXTREMELY NICE MIX! THALL SHALT D/L RIGHT NOW OR BE SMITTEN/SMOTTEN(whatever) very groovy feel, definately a makeout track if you could get one out of an RA game(now i find that to be true) heheheheheh
  2. Pretty cool mix, needs a little better timing but that doesn't really matter to me, I could see them using this in the game, keep up the good work
  3. This is a pretty good mix, but kinda repettitive(oops) cool in its own right, and also a question: where the hell are all the RA:2 mixes? i wanna hear some of those m'kay?
  4. Arrgh, I'm going back and listening to the "bases loaded" mix, this one's too goofy for me
  5. Just perfect, a Contra mix, this brings back memories of the past: me cursing at Contra and all the sequels and whimping out and using the master code because i couldn't beat it, arrgh the pain, and the joy of beating the living crap outta the games with the code. it's a good mix overall in my opinion, so I'd give it a oh say a.....8/10?
  6. This is an awesome mix, Anyone who loves any of the MG should dl this for sure keep these mixes alive, DL NOW!
  7. I have MW2 so this gives me good feelings hearing the training stuff all over again, thank you for this mix. ALL PEOPLE MUST DL THIS SONG
  8. I LOVE THIS MIX Pretty cool considering it uses the original techno notes and stuff,(which is the best part of the original) Keep these kinda mixes coming
  9. Great Mix, Keep the DMC AND MGS stuff coming, only problem was I was kinda confused at first, but oh well
  10. Pretty cool, I thought this was a pretty good mix, only thing that bugs me is that in my opinion, it's too much like the original, but if I had to choose one or the other, I'd take the mix over the original. EVERYONE MUST DOWNLOAD
  11. The Bristol Mix is kinda cool, but is there anyone out there besides me that thinks: how is this a metal gear remix? i may be being mean, but I found it kinda hard to tell
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