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  1. Hello. Could an admin please change my username to "Foxhack"? I haven't gone by this old name in several years. Thank you. Edit: That was pretty fast. Thanks to whoever handled this.
  2. The song's pretty good, very ravey. Too bad I don't like rave. *giggles* Seriously. The intro didn't sound at all like the song. From 00:28 to 1:08, it sounded pretty good. From 1:09 to 1:36 ... I really, REALLY hate that part. It's the only thing that sounds too... distorted. That kind of sound is what turned me away from rave sounds. From then onward, I really enjoyed the song. The distorted parts, that's the only thing I didn't like. But that's just me. Sorry if I sounded rude.
  3. Konami's EVIL. Try playing all the way through Axelay, making it to the final boss in hard mode, just to spend HALF AN HOUR shooting at it and not even fazing it. And this was seven years ago, in a real console. Christ, I hate Konami. >_<
  4. You freakin' kidding me?! Omega Rugal 98 was a WIMP! I beat him the first time I got to him! And he wasn't that hard in '95. Saisyu Kusanagi was much harder than him. Also, he's a wimp as God Rugal, CvsS2. His moves do take out three times the normal amount, but once you know his pattern, he's easy. You want hard in KOF? Try Igniz. He's not -that- difficult, but he can juggle you and take out 75% of your life. I wonder what Eolith has in store for us in 2002...
  5. Beatable with Hugo? I almost beat him one round yesterday. But then he took out 70% of my life in fifteen seconds. And here I thought Rugal '94 was difficult...
  6. Since I don't have time to read through eighteen pages of posts, I'll just say the name of the single boss I have never beaten: Gill, from Street Fighter III: Third Strike. He was beatable in Second Impact. I can't even beat him one round in Third Strike. There. *poof*
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