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  1. This mix captures the feel of Doom perfectly. Doom is the only FPS that has ever managed to make me sympathize with the main chara, because he never gets a break, and you see that. No other game capured the "You. Are. F**ked" feeling as perfectly as Doom and Doom II, but especially Doom II, as this mix shows. At the peak of this song, once can't but help imagine the Doom guy frantically shoving shells into his twin-barreled shotgun as fast as he can fire them as Demon after demon steps forth. Even the ending captures the feel very well, as this song never winds to a close, but merely insinua
  2. To second Klutz's remark, I have actually played this piece during a lazy summer thunderstorm. It was not just "cool", it was perhaps the most profound emotional experience that an OC mix has ever evoked from me.
  3. A fairly average song in many respects, but when the volume on your speakers is turned up such that ay louder and they would pop, this song is downright orgasmic, every one of those creepy piano riffs tickles my pleasure center and sends a shock of electric pleasure down my spine. Definately worth the download.
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