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  1. Btw, the beginning of the Star Wars theme was taken from the theme for the old film Captain Kidd. The "ta-ta-tatatataaa-taaa!" All stolen!
  2. First time I mixed I used the Fish Fillets compressor on my guitar tracks. Thought it sounded pretty good. This is a free vst plugin though which means there should be a way to get even better sound - from a compressor that's not free. When someone asks "what tool should I use for mastering?" they almost always get the same answer: T-Racks, Ozone or Soundforge. Is there a well-known software compressor in the same style that "everyone" likes and talks about? And I wouldn't use Fish Fillets for vocal tracks so any suggestions for a good compressor in this area?
  3. Game Over Little Mac's Confession, rhythm guitar Little Mac's Confession, lead guitar
  4. It seems like some of you (including the judges) have difficulties understanding the lyrics. Very few seem to know the real story behind Mega Man 3. If you did, maybe you would understand more. Mega Man 3 is about robots in a mine making a revolt, just like in Émile Zola's "Germinal". The lyrics describe this revolt. They also try to be humoristic in the way they describe the wounds that only robots can get (for example "oil is staining on their hands" instead of blood). The chorus is, of course, about Top Man himself. It all ends with everybody killing each other.
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