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  1. so true. it's hard to comment on this because there is nothing i would do to improve it so...erm... yeah this is an awesome mix
  2. actually i really liked the intro gave a good feel to the song, felt up beat and alive
  3. this is one of my favs on this site, expically the variations on the melody around 1'55 amazing stuff its very orginal yet it stays loyal to the orginal theme, you've created a paradox, ARMAGEDDON IS AT HAND! well maybe not.....but it's still a good song
  4. my only complaint, if you even want to call it that, is that it stops around 2'09 and changes theme this kind of hinders the feeling, great emotional epic (which happen to be my personal favorite) with alot of highs and lows overall a excellent mix
  5. this is such a great remix, unfortunatly its the only wind waker one. While playing this game i personally thought that it had a good score to it, i hope that more good remixes will follow this one. but like i said, this is one awesome remix.
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