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  1. (wow this account is still active^^) Anyway, just wanted to drop a note to everyone involved, since DKC2 is a thing from heart to hearts and I feel the need to leave a comment here: Thanks for making this possible. As a listener, I can't say I like every song but I do like the way it's kept. Varying styles make for great accessibility and open lots of space for interpretation. As it is now, I'm liking songs that are shifting towards dance or pop (though I do not like putting musics in special groups) but were originally lounge music. I think it's great having so many great contributions, and not just DKC2 by that, but also all the other great titles hosted here. As for Serious Monkey Business, I liked the slower pieces somewhat more - like I said, not because of production, sounds or anything else; more of a personal taste in music - Maybe this has come to be because of the original atmosphere breathing throughout the project. My personal favorites were - Sturm and Kong (one surprising opener) - Simian Soirée (atmosphere) - Tetanus (which got me thinking about military marching krems) - Beneath the Canopy - Dead Raggening - Bramble Reprise - Castle Crescendo - Re-Skewed (that one grew on me as I kept listening) I also liked Trapped in the Minds a lot, but I think it stands out because of its vocals. It's very diverse and complex and should be in an OC vocal compilation, as should A New Place, Backwards Room and Monkeys Disarm Their Kremlings. All are top notch works that stand out of the rest because of their nature. I cannot and I will not compare. Same goes for the metal songs. While well made, they don't blend in for me as well as does the rest of the pieces. Maybe this is the thing I was looking for since I started writing this post. Still, thank you for bringing this to us. Thank you for sharing, and thank you to all musicians. (Will now begin waiting for either Final Fantasy 7 or one Megaman X remix project.)
  2. As far as I see, no one mentioned King K Rool from Donkey Kong 64. Five Rounds, and after every round it was getting harder, much harder... I have never beaten him, so far.
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