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  1. Great rendition, could've shortened the break though as I felt it takes away some of the arc for the final solo. Still having great melodie lines and riffing qualities.
  2. Nice one... now you need to plug out your phone, your internets and a lot of coffee.
  3. Nice, reflecting remix on something that is usually used to rock. I dig the slow pacing and the relaxing guitars. Thanks a lot!
  4. Sounds like a plan. And I'm eager to listen to the results.
  5. This mix needed time to get into, with the flood of Schala mixes it isn't easy to differentiate between each track but this one makes a difference. It has less mystery and more relaxing in it - love it.
  6. With the exception that X2 has a snail and no buffalo.
  7. Throw your hands into the air and run around in excitement - NOW!!!
  8. WHEN it's done, until then: Hail to the Kings and hope, it won't be until DNF. I'm pretty sure it will be worth the wait.
  9. Very nice, good animations as well and good use of artwork. Sounds good.
  10. I don't like the beats. They feel too electronic and take away much of the more natural sound selection and atmosphere. Maybe you could try with a softer drumline or for the first two minutes, maybe you could go completely without. Otherwise, I dig this mix.
  11. Does that mean you're still aiming for an April release?
  12. This one grows on you. The first playthrough, I wasn't impressed. The second, it was interesting. The third, it rocked. There's still the great hooklines and melodies here, great job.
  13. Being a fan of Mass Effect myself, this one actually reminds of the second level of Unreal, right before the Rrajigar Mines. It has almost the same pacing and rythm. Definatly this exploring feel to, I like it.
  14. I will take my time for listening anyway. Hope you can get togehter a nicely mixed playlist. Hope time until april just speeds by (at least for me), so I can finally listen to it.
  15. Swanky

    Comic books!

    Interestingly enough, I've never read any long story of his until now, also skipped the Crisis and Blackest Night arcs, the latter to be read next year. For now I want to read the Knightfall books (got them for Christmas), as well as Miller's Year One.
  16. Swanky

    Comic books!

    Considering myself a batmaniac, maybe due to the large influences the series had throughout the course of time. Stories include - The Killing Joke (Alan Moore) - Return of the Dark Knight (F. Miller) - Death in the Family (Starlin / Aparo) - Hush (Loeb / Lee)(not recommended unless you are very familiar with Batman) - Plague arcs (various artists) - Cataclysm and No-Mans-Land story arcs (especially the latter are noteworthy) On a different note, if you like something totally different, freaked out opposite of superman, you may want to try Lobo (Portrait of a Bastiche, for example). Of if you like history and theories and Jack the Ripper, Alan Moore's and Eddie Campbell's "From Hell" is something you want to dig into. This graphic novel is huge, informative, realistic and partially also very disturbing. As far as Japanese comics go, I'm recently reading One Piece which has grown over time, or one-shots such as Line and Gun Blaze West.
  17. Happy Birthday the both of you.
  18. Kyle, that show had an awesome playlist to boot.
  19. Took me a while to listen through the album a few times, but all I can say is... wow. This is a very cohesive and well-made album in all regards. There are a lot of stand-out tracks and moments, like the flute / orchestra clash in the woods or the extremely laid-back saxophone passages in the house of frogs. There are probably lesser appreciated tracks on the album as well, but that may be because of the source tunes. All in all nicely made, easy to dive in, atmospheric music. Thanks a lot!
  20. After listening to the previews, I am now officially a fanboy of this project. Ok well maybe not as much, but I am really looking forward to the new dose of Megaman tunes for my collection. Keep up the good work!
  21. I must say these are very nice assumptions, thank you for posting them. That other Schala remix was unknown to me, sounds good to me... yet I was looking for something cooler, in the vibe of Pink Floyd's Marooned. I really dig the remix from Retro Remix Revue.
  22. This does not stand as a request but more of an open idea box. That said, I've been running around with a few ideas about remixing songs. Now that I can't play guitar myself very good, maybe someone of you wants to have a closer look. The ideas refer to already remixed songs, but use a different approach to the ones. Megaman X2 - Bubble Crab(oh crap) - I know there are some remixes of this song, and I think it's one particularly hard to remix song with its break inside. Even Capcom tried to remix it themselves. I have yet to hear a clear, carribean version of it. Megaman X3 - Zero's Theme - Other than Capcom's jazz remix, it seems there is no other remix done at this point. Strange point though, this one is really catchy and I am eager to find out what you guys could do with it. Oh wait there's a MMX remix project in the works, so I should just wait and find out. F-Zero - Big Blue - This is one overremixed song, but noone, no one got this synth shredding right for me. I wonder what those guitar pros could do here *looking at sixto / nekofrog*. Well it's an idea, so I am looking forward what energy driven mix any of you could do here. I really wonder what would happen if the both of them would make some kind of duet here. I know there are rock mixes of this song, by the NESkimos, by SSH. But I am looking forward to this special song. Lastly, another overused song: Schala - is there any well made guitar version of it? I've looked, but maybe I haven't looked enough. There is one mix that comes close: Cessation of Mammon by LuIzA and Ashane, but this one gets into shredding (good shredding, by the way) later. Thanks for you time reading.
  23. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. I still think the beginning could have been a bit cleaner - if you really listen to the first minute or so, the solo lead varies in quality, shifting from back to forth. I am unsure whether this has been done on purpose or is a victim of shifting bitrates, but it feels slightly unnatural to me. Other than that, I like the forward feeling of this one, really well played Sixto. ...and I was so hoping of you doing some X2 remixes...
  24. I'm still waiting for a grudgy, glamorous continuation of the X series. Nothing much for me here.
  25. Ah yes I see. Will check out Final Fantasy later this week, saw progress on the other project as well. Thank you. Now let's get back praising Serious Monkey Business and staff.
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