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  1. Omg, no hoax, no fake, it is finally here! *Does the banana dance*
  2. Less than 1000 now... seems like an overnight push.
  3. Hopefully this will stop me playing the Mass Effect trilogy.
  4. Heaven does not feature the internet? Poor guy.
  5. The Duke actually went live last year. -.-
  6. Well that'd be the most anticipated hoax since the internet. After two (or three) years of waiting, a month more (or another year) shouldn't matter.
  7. Not sure where this could possibly belong, but a while ago I found this guy rocking out, he's made a few game remixes, too. Maybe you like his music as much, or maybe you want to share your rare gems here? Xenogenocide redid this mix for his music album, but as far as I know, you get the mix for free at newgrounds, while the album-link has been taken down - I could be wrong though. Anyway, enjoy his song. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/447418
  8. Depending on style, Dawn of War 2 has an awesome soundtrack (which can also be downloaded freely). Small example:
  9. Yeah this is the song for the Sigma stage two. Has some killer solo in it, but also some horrible japano beats (which turns me off this remix, too :/ ).
  10. Probably an easy goal to have, but one that will be very hard to achieve: have a happier life than last year's.
  11. Epic Objection! Well honestly I think it shouldn't. If you need more music until this one is ready (and I hope some judge is tearing through it while I'm typing), you may want to the enjoy the following :
  12. This thing is insane(ly good). That Vergil remix is legendary.
  13. This thread is like finding hidden gems all along, thanks guys. I'm a sucker for good game stories, so I dig a lot of your posts. As far as good storytelling goes, I wonder why nobody has mentioned Max Payne yet. This is an extremely well told fim-noir story with love and passion and struggle and everything in between. Then there is Devil May Cry 3, for me the best of the series so far. It's worth all the trouble just for the story where 4 different personalities intertwine in one dramatic climax. Maybe not all too emotional or touching, I found Alan Wake to be a very good game with nice story elements. Worth checking out if you like books. Oh yes and Mass Effect. Couldn't live without it, and I definatly need a lot of free time when part 3 comes out next year. The way the story evolves and how you take part in it with all your choices made can have quite an impact in the end, how you interact with different species and whom you sentence to death. Wonder how it will play out...
  14. Got a nice 80s feel to it and the vid made me paint that big grin all over my face. Win!
  15. I wonder if I could get the homepage background without the logo as a full sized wallpaper...? Haven't really had the time to listen through it yet, but WillRock's bonus track kicks balls.
  16. I believe that'd be Super Dodge Ball and Donkey Kong Country 3 projects.
  17. Unfortunatly, last thing I heard was that Bayonetta didn't meet sells expectations. That game was a blast except for the music, well, some of it at least.
  18. My biggest problem with Sixto's remixes for the MM9 album were that the guitars feld muffled and artificial - surreal to an extend. The rest of the production and sound is great, the guitars wiped this on a bit for me, I suppose I have to listen to it more.
  19. Oh, I remember another one: getting all the racers and custom parts in F-Zero GX was a task I have never been up to (I got around 50% of the ultimate challenges, interestingly, the Deathborn race is done...)
  20. Never again: Finding ALL hidden flags and Templars in Assassin's Creed. I recall 420 flags + 40 Templars... so dare you if you missed one. :/
  21. Don't make me want to shake my monitor like your neck when I want this album this much. Good to have you back.
  22. Amazing list of tracks, for now I like the second disc more, but I didn't listen to both too much until now. Only thing that bugs me is the changing volumelevels between each song (got the torrent mp3 files so I cannot comment on the flac files).
  23. Lots of good Metroid Tracks lately, so I should get the album, huh. The track itself is great, the instruments and synth lines really make it feel vital and organic, and it suits the atmosphere well, I'm also loving how the melody lines were altered and used until you realize the original tune, just great!
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