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  1. Ultima weapon was easy in FF8 simple fact... Lion heart .... done Omega weaponw as hell hard... since I was level 100 when I got there.. it wasn't easy DarkAngel from star ocean the second story even at level 255 it was a good 40 min fight to kill it.. if ya managed.. tho my blood armor trick usualy worked well Then there is Lapis from Legend of Legiah no MP.. makes for a hard fight or Koru from the same game.. 5 battle rounds to rip off alot of HP.. and I dont gotta tell you how hard it was to level in that game.. tho.. if it wasn't for the music.. the boss fights got menotinus "Attack, Spirit, Heal, Attack Spirit Heal oi
  2. For me.. id run it with no vocals at all.. The music in itself was well done. Just my ears required me to turn it off after the singing started.. that's just me tho
  3. Yawn, FInal Fantasys Weapons have always been a joke. FF8 Omega weapon just go at him with level 99 characters use squal riona and selph with auras and well junctioned magic. FF7 Ruby, go in with 2 people dead at the start, cast phnx and then the usual KOTR 2x mime combo(with magic plus for that extra slap and hp mp absorb paried with wsummon and a second copy of KOTR You can drop both ruby and emeral weapon in 1 to 2 turns this way. Was wasy to easy Just in case Final Attack with phnx to keep ya alive. Lets see. star ocean, well Dark Angle is almost hard. however I found a trick for that as well. Noel, Claude, Dias, Ashton all equiped with Blood armor and good attack equipment. Noel just constantly casts heal The boss cant hurt ya with blood armor, just keep noels MP up and the game is yours. Noly and I mean only boss that has remotely given me even a slight challenge. Lapiz From Legend of legia Koru also did as you only have 6 turns to kill him. Secret to both fo these guys was the poit card lol
  4. I been waiting for someone to make a remix for star ocean the second story.. praise the makers
  5. Chess fight in Shining force 2 was hard if you tried to kill everything lol.. and oddeye was a hard fight... and a good one hence why I use his name and have him on my pic lol oh oh here is a hard boss.. yu yevon ffx... man.. can you not win.. your invincible can reflect full heal spells.. what was square thinking.. it was way to easy lol
  6. Hardest boss I ever faced.. Star Ocean the second story.. the secret final bos you need the evil trumpet to call.. she hit for ungodly damage.. had some ungodly defence.. paired with undogly speed... I think her name was isobel or something I forget.. I beat it using blood armor and having rena casting alot of curing.. Claud Dias and Ashton all with top equipment and blood armor made it easy.. I did beat here once normal took me over 1 hour of battle.. Final Fantasys Omega weapon in ultimicias castle.. came down to the invinciblility item.. I used one of my card to create like 20 of them omega couln't hit me the Ff7 weapons came down to KOTR mimic and alot of clounter paired with KOTR Final Fantasys none of the fights were hard.. if I ever ran into a hard fight.. I just made my guys all lanceds and jumped my way to victory.. make most fights a joke. Shining Force 2.. no egress and the final fight was very hard.. kill galam and Zeon one after the other was an excesize in skill all its own.. not for me cause I waited to promote till level 40 and ended up with characters that all had well over 125 hp and ?? for stats.. they are now like lvl 50 each and did I mention I have logged over 200 hours on that file in the last 6 years lol Legend of Legia.. try Lapis out.. no mp.. no spells.. kill any of your characters in one hit practicaly.. and a lot of hp.. even at level 99 he can still take all my characters out but gala in one attack round.. and he sometimes gets 2 in a row lol. Zophar in Lunar 2 was hard till I figured out the trick.. kill the 2 hands befor he goes into attack mode.. makes the fight a heack of alot easyer.. leave the back part( i dont remember what it was) alive since you cant kill it.. kill the heands then go for the main part. Ok this post got way to long sorry for the star trek sig.. I made it myself and sumaraly attacked it to any post I make on any board.. it does however sport 2 shining forrce 2 characters..
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