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  1. Oh damn how I love this song. The original and this remix. All the sounds fit together perfectly, this doesn't sound like video game music at all. I like the voice sample at the beginning too, it's funny. This is my favorite Ice Cap remix.
  2. I love this mix, it sounds so electronic. It helps that I love the original song because this retains the melody perfectly. The only thing I wished for was for the percussion to be a little louder. But it's ok, good job!
  3. What a great remix. I think the original song is catchy and happy-go-lucky, this song just magnifies that so much. This song pops into my head all the time, even when I'm not thinking of it.
  4. Amazing. I actually liked the original song. In fact, I was actually looking to download the original off of a file-sharing program and found this remix on there. I can fall in a daze while listening to this. Probably my favorite OC remix.
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