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  1. BRILLIANT! I can now come out of the ANGRY DOME! But I don't have a TV at the moment
  2. I'll try and skim over the Japanese portions when I have the free time. I'm by no means fluent, but I've got a pretty high level of comprehension. I can also always ask my girlfriend; she's Japanese. Also, a suggestion for any of the Japanese-speakers on this board: If any of you have a MIXI, try posting it on there and asking for corrections. I personally don't have a MIXI account yet (registration is ridiculously closed now), but I'm sure there would be a lot of good suggestions.
  3. As a large fan of metal (although I have drifted towards Hardcore more and more), I greatly appreciate this mix. I have a few nuances, though... firstly, the drums. I am a drummer myself, and these drums just don't carry enough... how do I say this?... force. Specifically, the bass drums. Sure, the double bass rolls are excellent and create a lot of power in the song, but I just feel they don't have enough force or power. Also, the cymbols don't have enough "oomph" either (especially the crash). Again, on the point of drums, I give kudos for the variation. Too many bands I have listened to have just a full on blast beat coupled with small fills and double bass rolls. The tempo variations keep the mix interesting, and I could appreciate more fills, and much more cymbol work. The guitars sound excellent for the most part. But the bass? Where, oh where is the bass? I do like the shredding, and the dual guitar approach (sounds like The Black Dahlia Murder, but we all know they are At The Gates in disguise). I, personally, like the tone change. It makes this song interesting, and I like the sound of the entire part very much. It gives the song a hint of Black Metal, without compromising the Death Metal (maybe more of a Melodic Death Metal) sound. I like the lyrics. The vocal approach is very fitting. After turning the mix up a bit, the way the lyrics are delivered fits my idea of the context of the game. While not a traditional growl/guttoral approach, or pitch-shifted (like Last Days of Humanity or other similar Goregrind bands), I find this vocal approach to be very effective. Although, it would be interesting to hear it delivered in the raspy style of Black Metal, or even pitch-shifted vocals of Grindcore and Goregrind (mind you, the growling associated with Death Metal came from Grindcore). All in all, I'm pleasantly pleased with this. And, as a note to the one who said they would avoid Emperor. You're missing out, severly. Emperor is one of the best metal bands, in any genre, period. Check out In The Nightside Eclipse, or Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk by them.
  4. Mazedude, all I can say is you have done an absolutely wonderful job on this remix. I love how you are very subtle in building things up. The piano, in my opinion, is the most subtle instrument, and almost has a subliminal "feel" to it (but maybe that's just me). This is definately a keeper.
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