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  1. Its not about making cash. But no thanks, my uncle spent enough time in jail for meth, don't wanna do that.
  2. Holy wow, that season finale was amazing. The way the season ended, and that last shot man, it was awesome. Also: how is ere' one? Second Also: How good do you think a Meth making game based off the show would be? I think it would make a pretty fun little flash game.
  3. I think this is right since it will go under music and I want to use them for music half of the time. Anyway, I want to get a pair of bluetooth headphones for my iphone as well as my computer for like, vent and stuff. I know the quality wont be amazing or anything, but I use the headphones that come with the iphone anyway. So, any recomendations?
  4. Now I are sad. Thanks
  5. AhhhHA! Well at least I know now :-3
  6. So I just saw the second person today with an ocremix shirt on So come on out and say it Who here was wearing the I remix shirt at the vcu campus this morning?
  7. Meh I should come. Alexandria isn't that far away...
  8. So, uh, is this thing still happening?
  9. Well, I meant last time I was there. I was there 2 years go. Fun time, but yeah, someone stole my steam account I had to email steam and everything.
  10. Yup. I miss a few of the sites, but then again, they started costing the bigger sites money, didn't they?
  11. Castor Troy?!?!?! ... >.> I was a big fan of your ol' dbz site.
  12. lulz, okay. Either way, I should end up going this year. Dun' think I'ma lan again. Someone stole my Steam account last time
  13. I'm pretty sure the law wasn't on their side though, so... meh. Although, it will be fun to meet some of the folks.
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