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  1. I agree with OA on this one. I haven't a single problem with SnappleMan's guitar. The point was to have distortion. The song begins with a mesmerizing humming and pulsing melody, flowing into a deliberate and methodical pacing that captured the spirit of the source material excellently. As an aside, I consider myself a vg music afficianado. The Secret of Mana OST always brings back fond memories of yesteryear, back in the day when the clunky graphics of the old systems made the good games all the more special for having overcome all the drawbacks. The Star of Darkness bgm also holds a place in my heart for being one of the best songs on an OST listened to alongside those of Chrono Trigger and the early Final Fantasies. While this track is radically different from the original material, it evokes a feeling that Star of Darkness held and magnifies it with wonderful rockin' guitar and sweet, sweet electric violin accompanied by sparse interjections of horn. The two parts: Snappleman's purposely out of tune and distorted guitar, and Gray's percussion, violin and horn (plus whatever effects he used) mesh very well. Distorted Star bears the definite mark of Gray within the pacing and clear, visionary style. Gray remains one of my favorite artists on the site, and unless he changes his style dramatically, will continue to remain so. Snappleman, while relatively young to the site, has a dedicated style with the electric guitar. While reminding me of the big hair days of 80s metal, is nonetheless very pleasing to the ears. Hearing Star of Darkness in guitar wins big points for me. The volume was all right and in my opinion, was at the right level the whole way through. Keep up the great work Snapple! I hope to hear more from you. Sorry for the long post. I don't post often but when I do, I go all out.
  2. Xenogears is one of my top 3 favorite games, which includes other systems. The soundtrack to the game is one of the best I've ever heard, so I was glad to get this track from OCR. This remix takes me back, as I played this game quite a while ago. 'TheLostCitOfShevat' is a standout, on a par with Xenogears' own music and I wouldn't doubt that you'd make it big if you ever got into writing original music for games. This track in particular conveys the mystery and intrigue that surrounded the story of Xenogears. I felt I was transported, put right down in the middle of that world. A spot-on, exemplary job, Gray Lightning. You have made me a fan of your work and I will be watching for your future mixes. Kudos, Aetherwalker
  3. Robocop CPC Zone- Wonderful to hear something so refreshingly nostalgic. This remix conveys a delightful, irreverent beat while also having a touch of the plaintive, a subtle tinge of the uneasy and tragic. And Robocop was a tragic story. The guy lost everything dear to him: wife, happy home, humanity. Transformed into a metal killing machine, he still strove for justice. This piece tells a story. It is mature while maintaining an innocent playfulness with the 'robocop' vocal dubs lain down in just the right places. It builds from the miasma of peaceful beginnings into a hopping, melancholic rage. A masterfully done piece by Malc Jennings. A+ ____________________ I'll revel in anonymity. ~Aetherwalker
  4. Hotel Rhumba {I want to go home} is a beautifully done track adding a romantic latin spice which enhances the hotel theme when you first enter the hotel. The 'I miss you' dub at 1:43 is inspired, playing on Ness's periodic homesickness throughout the game. The dub nicely segues into a reprise of the hotel theme after Ness wakes from sleep. A brilliant and alluring remix of the hotel theme in Earthbound. An A+ to the Pancake Chef for this mix, who has made this gamer and music lover's day. ____________________ I'll revel in anonymity. ~Aetherwalker
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