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  1. It is fortunate then, that I don't have to be a great artist to appreciate great art. Or to tell the wheat from the chaff. Not that I wouldn't try. But hell if I can figure out this FL Studio demo of mine, and other than that it's just midis for me. Being a musician is expensive and confusing. I credit anyone who can wrap their heads around this technology, or an instrument. That doesn't let Genesis of Destruction off the hook, however. There is nothing wrong with a liberal remix. There is something wrong with a 7 minute long remix where 5 minutes aren't in the same ballpark as the original composition. A professional knows where the line is between a remix and sampling. Many of you are at or near that level of professional quality, which is why this soundtrack is sometimes so baffling. This is not the first time people have made the assumption that I or others dislike some of these songs just because of some rose-tinted nostalgia that can't be lived up to. Or that someone had the audacity to dislike some of these tracks just because they aren't straight arrangements. Maybe(and hear me out on this one), but MAYBE some of the songs in this soundtrack just... aren't... that... good? Am I really being that unreasonable here? Are OCRemixer's egos truly that fragile? The comments that I've seen(and given) here have been overwhelmingly positive. But when someone makes a decent critical point about one(1) song, suddenly they're just not listening to it right? My, but that is a convenient philosophy. One that says a lousy track is never the fault of the artist. Disagreeing over the quality of music is one thing, but I find it insulting when my ability to listen to a song "properly" is put into question.
  2. That's one way of looking at it, although I welcome a remixer putting his or her own personal spin on a composition. The issue here is that the original stuff seems to stretch out until it takes up more than half of the song, dwarfing the source. Instead of finding the proper balance. As for the Zeromus track, I really like what they wanted to do. I believe my disappointment isn't the result of a lack of trying on their parts, but insufficient means of getting their idea across. It doesn't really work within their range of talents. It is too grand a concept. For what they were attempting, they would need an orchestra and trained opera singers or something. Sometimes there's only so much a handful of people can or should do.
  3. I have. I've TRIED. I'll believe you if you say the song is in there, somewhere, but not if you say it's actually audible.
  4. That was my futile attempt at this thing you Earth-People call "Comedy". Although I fear by saying it, I've given someone out there the idea...
  5. This is quite the fine album. A lot of variety, a lot of experimentation, invention and a lot of knockout tracks. It might be a bit guitar-heavy in the long run, but that's nothing I see as an inherent flaw. The first cd is something I listen to from start to finish every time. I am enraptured by the remix of Another Moon. I thought real bravado and strength was given to the Baron, Red Wings and Battle themes. Level 99 and Audio Fidelity's take on Damcyan Castle gives Edward something to really cry about. bLind's tracks are all highlights. Songs that I wasn't entirely crazy about in the game spring to life here. Even the outrageous choice of doing a rap remix of the Chocobo theme is unapologetic for its absurdity. It keeps a straight face, and it works. Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption is definitely something this community ought to be proud of. That said, I take issue with two things: The first of which: Much of the tracks run on long. Very long. Ridiculously, needlessly long. And a lot of it is just fluff, having little to nothing in common with the source material and not always expanding or improving upon the foundation. Were the remixers intimidated, perhaps? Did they feel like no one would appreciate their interpretation(or contribution) over Nobuo Uematsu's compositions? Some tracks are so bloated, they have anywhere from 3-5 minutes of extra material. Not all of it bad, but even then, it's asking a bit much. There is a time to know when to draw the line, to make your point and move on. It's too much of a much of too much... At least I think that's how the saying goes. For some examples of this, see the Rydia, Edward and Zeromus tracks. Speaking of, let me make it clear now that the first 23 seconds of "Genesis of Destruction" is the absolute best part of this album. It never occurred to me in my wildest dreams that Zeromus could have an operatic take on his theme, the same way that skyrocketed Sephiroth to infamy. It makes the following paragraph(s) all the more painful, because it gives us a peek at what could have been, and what -should- have been. Now that that's out of the way, the Zeromus remix is a crime-scene, a place where a brilliant final boss track was brutally defiled. This is not because it has lyrics. This is not because it has vocals. It's not because there are many remixers credited. It's not because it shares almost no relation to the song it's supposed to be based off of. I can't identify much in common, even after listening very carefully to individual parts of the chorus, verses, bridge, bass and any subliminal messages that may have been imprinted to get us to donate more to OCRemix. I hate it because it ignores or forgets a lot of what makes the original song so effective. Whereas the DS remix is terrible mostly due to the choice of sounds, this is an-all around catastrophe. What happened? I'm not convinced it is a case of too many cooks in the kitchen, and it's certainly not the fault of the recipe. It is simply an embarrassing, excruciating mix that doesn't belong on this album, on this website, or on the portfolio of anyone involved. I do not believe the people responsible are bad at what they do. I'm sure they intended to make a great climactic song to cap off the album. I'm sure they will all do great things in the future. Hopefully they will never do anything again like: "Together, we'll fight for, OUR WORLD", followed by the worst conceivable Nathan Explosion impression repeatedly telling me to "Die!". It is Icarus, reaching too high and collapsing into the waves. This does not ruin the album for me. There is too much good here for that. But oh, does it ever leave a scar.
  6. This is... exceptional. Amazing, even. It's the best work I've heard by Star Salzman in a long, long time. It had to have been, because it inspired me to make my first post here in 5 years. Of course, that's mostly because it's an instrumental mix, but it's a terrific instrumental mix. (I don't know why his vocal mixes grate at me so. I don't have anything against singing in music, or remixes, I know I loved the recent DKC "Permutation" mix. But listening to him blather about strategy guides in "Dreams Come True" gave me a sensation not unlike hearing The Jonas Brothers in the score for The Dark Knight. Sometimes vocals and lyrics cloud a piece of music from its true qualities(for this, see the last boss battle music from just about any recent Square-Enix game). Sometimes it's better when a song speaks for itself.) Salzman has always had a ridiculous mastery of synthey sounds intertwined with piano segments and simulated percussion, and this continues that tradition. In fact, I can appreciate it more easily because there is no futile attempt at singing obscuring me from just how good this is. I love how "strained" it feels at times, like an old door on rusted hinges being opened(or closed) for the first time in years. I like how it starts off with seemingly less sophisticated sounds(the intro), and then slowly becomes more structured and more up-to-date, and once again falls back into decay(the last few seconds remind me of the "Rise from the grave" voice sample in Altered Beast). There's a good balance of the frantic and foreboding bassy techno sound, the complex but stable beats and the softening piano, so that I never think "Geez, this part goes on way too long". That's another thing he's good at: variety. He knows just what spices a song needs, and when. He's always had an ear for that. I even liked the faux-violin sections, which are so hard to get down right without sounding cheap(this is true even of big-budget games with quality soundtracks). I think the violin works well here is because it is used sparingly. It leaves its impression, and then departs into the mist. In particular, 5:03 and onward showcase some stunning synth-work, and I don't even think it's supposed to be the main attraction of this song. Even the assisting parts of his music are outstanding. He's taken a crushing, if quick/simple piece from Mitsuda's/Uematsu's soundtrack, and made it his own. I don't think he has to worry about anyone's opinions being lowered by "Close Door All Way". Mine certainly hasn't changed. I think Salzman's an incredibly talented man who occasionally sabotages his attempts in the name of humour. Here, he chose to treat the source material with a little more respect. He chose very wisely.
  7. I have written 2 Reviews for this Remix. 1, the review you are about to read, is a very politely toned-down version of what I feel about "Dreams Come True", by Star Salzman. If you absolutely MUST see what I really thought of this song, in my other review, you may request to see it through PM ONLY. And you must be 18 to do so. In no way do I mean any ill feelings towards Star Salzman, nor DJPretzel, or anyone affiliated in the creation of this remix. But I do not feel it was worthy of submission. The lyrics, and the vocals, are terrible. Simply amateurish, poorly performed, and just hard to listen to. And what's worse, they almost completely overshadow the MUSIC. The music playing in the background was, from what I could gather, bordering on superb. But you can barely hear it over the man singing in the most feminine way possible. I simply did not enjoy this. And I feel, having listened to it, that a very good Video Game song has been tainted forever. I'm sorry. Because I know Star has a HUGE amount of talent, but none of it can be heard here. This is one of the least satisfying remixes I've ever heard. I don't think there's anything more to say.
  8. Great googley-Moogely! I was just playing DKC2 and wondering why no one had remixed this song yet. Easily my favourite out of the entire soundtrack(except possibly for the K.Rool Duel). I think the creativity in this piece is almost unrivaled, and the beat is astounding to listen to. Although nothing will ever beat the aural and somber atmosphere of the original work, this is really REALLY something to be proud of. Professional on so many levels. OK, I'm rambling now. Anways, I commend thee, Protricity. Not just for this spectacular mix, but also for making so many remixes of one of the besterest soundtracks in video game history.
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