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  1. To GameFAQs I go! Thanks everyone. Also, yeah the title screen music made me all nostalgic in a hurry.
  2. While I can understand how/why this is it always made me wonder why they bother letting you pick stats in the first place. Oh well, in a sense this is better. Less thinking, more grinding.
  3. So apparently I'm way behind but I just learned that Gravity is running an official free-to-play server. I've been off of WoW since before the Cata release but I'm feeling like playing an MMO and sadly Guild Wars 2 isn't out yet. It's been a while since I played RO, but I thought "What he heck?" Anyway, my question is, there's always been a lot of talk about min/maxing stat builds in RO, but is that really necessary? Or can I just level up and build my characters the way I'd like? Will I just make characters completely useless if I do it myself? If it helps, I don't consider myself good at optimizing stats on my own (one of my favorite announcements for Diablo 3 is that you don't handle stat distribution anymore).
  4. Got an email today about a prospective job that would involve moving and changing life in ways that I'm not sure I want to right now. What does this have to do with anything? I'm really in need of some awesome new remix album with ties to my childhood right at this moment to help me through this stressful thinking... stuff. Just sayin'.
  5. An excellent take on "Into the Darkness". Very creepy! And I normally don't like creepy but this is great! Definitely feeling the insanity in every change. Love it and looking forward to hearing more of your mixes.
  6. Have to agree with Sindra. Dear Hollywood: Stop wimping out and CGI'ing costumes and hire a freaking tailor. Also, this is a decent trailer, but I'm afraid my opinion of this movie (even though it seems Reynolds will do a good job) will be slightly lower than normal only because it's obvious Hal Jordan should be played by Nathan Fillion:
  7. I haven't been happy with my XBox Dashboard since I bought a PS3, but maybe it's just me. Huge boxes, few real customization options, ads, ads with video and sound, the idea of being forced to see ads while you scroll up to your Friends list, did I mention the ads? Actually, the one thing I hoped for out of the previous Dashboard update was the ability to browse my games Cover Flow style like you do in the Marketplace. But no, it was just a grey menu. :roll eyes: And I see that hasn't been added in the recent update either. As far as Kinect? Pretty much a non-issue for me, as I'm not getting one any time soon. The Wii burned me out on semi-responsive motion controls.
  8. I've been loving VGM since I first played Super Mario Bros. But the first OST that really blew my mind and has stuck with me ever since was Crystalis (the NES version of course). But one fond memory I have, from FFVI, was walking into the Magitek Research Facility in Vector, hearing Devil's Lab for the first time and putting down my controller to listen for a few minutes. I was in awe. Subsequently, "Kefka's Domain" was my first VGM OST purchase. EDIT: Oh someone mentioned Nintendo Power. I still have my "Play it Loud" OST with selections from Star Fox, Yoshi's Island, A Link to the Past, and a couple others. And it's on my iPhone.
  9. So when I was in elementary school in Reno I remember going to the computer lab once a week to play some educational games on the (epic) Apple IIe computers we had. This was when I was introduced to the wonderful Oregon Trail and Number Munchers. Recently I remembered another old computer game from that era. It may or may not be on the Apple IIe. I don't remember what's it's called or who made it. I only have a very faint memories of it 1) I believe it was a single-screen platformer. 2) The platforms you walked on were made of these little boxes with X's in them. Some of them looked different, and I think those were involved in the whole premise of the game. 3) Knowing me, it was probably some kind of math game, but this isn't necessarily the case. Does that ring a bell for anyone? I hate when this happens because it'll bug me until I find it.
  10. Doesn't add much to the convo but: I love the wallpaper/album art and I'm very much looking forward to the album! Thank you to all involved!
  11. I'm an instrumental acoustic guitar nut. So when I saw on my Facebook page the words "Mega" "Man" "Acoustic" "Guitar" you can bet I clicked on that link as fast as my mouse would let me. I didn't see this coming at ALL. Solo acoustic guitar. No surprise. This track is amazing! One of my favorite OCRemixes hands down.
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