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  1. Good stuff. Anyone who finds the Hitler clips disturbing is shallow, I hate "that mass-murdering f--k-head" more than anyone else, and I don't find them disturbing in the least. They set an ambience that goes along perfectly with the theme of the song - the sorrows of war. Also, Dionyseus is correct - someone should do a Red Alert mix about Stalin.
  2. I want so bad to download these.....except our computer's decided to screw itself over and make two copies of EVERY file on it, jumping the amount of space taken up on the hardrive to near 90%. ####. Maybe in the next few months, when my parents are (supposedly) getting me a new computer, I'll start downloading these. Even then, my ability to seed for you is nonexistant - way out here in the backwaters of Texas, DSL, Broadband, and all those other goodies aren't available, so I'm stuck with 56k for the next two years.
  3. I think I've said it here before, but I can't remember.....anyway, Luca Blight from Suikoden II. #### HE IS HARD. Unless you use the Matilda Trick near the beginning of the game to pump up your characters a whole lot, you will be having a very hard time getting rid him. You have to fight Luca a total of five times - once in a Fire Emblem-esque battle between your army and his (which is automatically set for you to lose, BTW), THREE times in regular battle with three entirely different six-man parties, and then in a one-on-one duel between him and your main character. Ouchies.
  4. Have I posted in this topic? Can't remember. Anyway..... LUCA FREAKING BLIGHT. You fight him five ####ed times. The first time it's your army vs. his army in a Fire Emblem/Advance Wars-esque battle. The next three times is using three completely differnet six-man parties of characters against him and some cronies, and the last time it's the hero vs. him one-on-one. Unless you bloody do the Rockaxe trick, or are a level up whore, you will NOT beat him anytime soon.
  5. For some reason this song makes me think of a romantic setting of sorts. Don't ask why. Great song, I have it on - what, 4? - different CDs now. I look forward to hearing more of The Wingless' work. 10/10
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