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  1. It's funny that the two tracks yet unclaimed are those of the husband/wife couple. I'd better get in gear and finish up my Cranky's Conga arrangement WIP. That deadline's coming up fast...
  2. The track wasn't officially titled, as it didn't appear on the OST. The name 'Mining Melancholy' was thought up by a fellow DK fan. See this link.
  3. Okay, my Cranky's Conga WIP has been submitted... I hope it's what the Taucer ordered.
  4. Aninymouse, you're thinking of Bad Bird Rag... and yeah, that track deserves some lovin'. I look forward to hearing Mazedude's take on it.
  5. Oh, such awesome news! I'm up to my elbows in DKC projects already, but I've been dying to create something for a ReMix project. I'll put my effort into Cranky's Conga and see what I can come up with. Are we going to be aiming for smooth transitions, or completely standalone tracks?
  6. Yeah, excellent. This really speaks to me. Great job catching the essence of the original track so well, and bringing such fresh, improvised tunes into it. It never sounds boring or forced, just awesome to listen to all the way.
  7. I like what you've done so far with this piece- especially the 'trancification' of the original's melody as exhibited at 0:13. It fits like a glove. I also like the energy of the track in general, and nuances here and there keep things interesting. I hope you can utilise a little of others' critique to improve this very listenable WIP. Good luck! BTW, it's great to hear a little more from DKC3's soundtrack. It's interesting that the only DKC ReMix accepted so far has been one from the same source tune... This game needs more coverage!
  8. That's some funky, grungy sound you've got there. A fair variety of ideas and motifs, too. I'm liking this one a lot. I haven't got much to say in the way of critique, but I'd like to hear this when it's nearer to 100% completion... It's very different, in a good way. DKC3's caves have never sounded so happenin'! I especially like the echoing notes that first appear at 0:20, and the whole mix of sounds heard at from 1:09 is pretty darn sweet also.
  9. Woah, this is an inspired elaboration of a really simple source... I love Abe's Oddysey, and the minimalist ambient sounds accompanying the eerie gameworld. I very much like how you've brought out the melody and percussion, added an impressive array of instruments, and without departing far from the vibe of the original sounds (actually, I hear the slight departure as an excellent choice), have come out with something truly listenable. At 3:20, the drum stutter sounded out of place to me. Apart from that, very solid sounding mix. New-Australian... Works for me. =)
  10. I think maybe people don't recognise that tune as often as the others is because of a few things... Firstly, if I'm not mistaken, there are no normal Jungle levels in DKC2, so only those who have ventured into the Lost World will have heard the music before... Also, the track is primarily a percussion affair. No catchy melody... at first. And it's possible that people could confuse this track with others, and think it's a medley. I've noticed that part of the tune in the DKC2 jungle track is borrowed from DKC's underwater stage... This could make it tough for some to classify... I guess I sho
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