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  1. my gf loved this mix and that alone is reason to DL it. shes a stern critic and she loves it ALMost as much as I do. truely one of my favorite Mega Man remixes 8/10
  2. im so glad someone remixed this and did a wonderful job at it. Never boring always welcome on my elite list along with the other mm 6 remix 8/10
  3. i live off of bass and any song with bass as its main course makes me happy, although i have read that its attributed to the vibration releasing adreniline into your body slowly addicting you to bass. this song made my downsatirs neighbers hit the celing with a broom, so it gets 6/10 cause i reserve 10 for a handful of people.
  4. just from 3 songs so far, U-ji is one of my very favorite Remixers. I hope for more from him...I suggest A song from DRAGON FORCE would be right up his alley, maybe even Earthbound
  5. i LOVed the remix it was played thru the entire movie of battle royale at my house....i wish i could play the game it was dirived from. but in anycase keep up the good work
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