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  1. Kog is a common pick in OGN, and I've seen a handful of Velkoz supports in OGN as well (not sure if they've done that recently though.) Ashe is just outdated. She has one damage spell pre-6 and you spend the rest of the game as an ult-bot. Her attack animation is also horrendously slow - even when you have a range advantage it seems like you spend so much time winding up your auto-attack they can move into range and out-trade you. Her passive is also one of the worst in the game. I remember around the time Heartseeker Ashe came out, on a whim WildTurtle decided to play Ashe and titled his stream "Ashe Only" or something, only to get destroyed and change his mind about playing her. "It's too hard."
  2. Huge mistake here. Ghostblade should be built as your second item after BotRK for a massive mid-game powerspike (further accentuated by stealth and Spray and Pray during mid-game map movements), or passed up for Shiv. His laning got hit, but as you pass into the early-mid game you have the potential to build up a huge advantage because BotRK is cheaper than BT (which got nerfed anyway) and IE (which requires a PD/SS to scale up). This can give you a pretty big window where you're sitting on a finished BotRK and they might only have 2 or 3 components of IE, or a BT which is weaker in straight-up fights.
  3. I think Muramana is a great situational item, I meant that Essence Reaver seems really weak without it. The items seek to do some of the same things, but Essence Reaver is just a waste of a slot as the game progresses as you mentioned. And buying both just makes it take forever to scale up, as well as delaying Brutalizer/LW among other things for AD casters (Jayce). On a related note, I believe they added 10 AD to Essence on PBE. BT also gives 10% bonus AD, kinda like a mini Zed passive. They are also redesigning Ancient Golem, there are some really interesting changes that might help bring tank junglers up to speed.
  4. Essence Reaver is an interesting item but it felt kinda underwhelming the few times I built it. It seems to synergize well with Muramana, but I feel like these items sort of overlap in strange ways. It reminds me of the weird interaction/synergy between Nashor's Tooth and Malady (before it was fused with Nashor's essentially). You want both items, but one of them (Malady or Essence Reaver) isn't exactly cost or slot efficient and is only strong with the other (Nashor's or Muramana). I'd like to see a similar tweaking/combination of Essence and Muramana but that may not be viable realistically. I've been meaning to try out Blue Ezreal with Reaver/Iceborn/CD boots for a relatively fast powerspike and 35% CDR, sounds good in theory now that BT takes longer to build.
  5. She's still pretty broken. Remember Elise when she came out? Pretty much like that, except remove the CC from cocoon and replace with high damage spears, and give her unlimited mobility. Much less annoying to play against late game, but much easier to snowball and get kills with earlier.
  6. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02293 Skull Fortress by the great Sixto, from MM9!
  7. I got more hype from the SR VU than from PKMN OR/AS, which is saying something.
  8. The only problem with these type of posts is the primary intended audience will never read it. Very well written post, but I think it might actually be more useful for someone trying to learn the ins and outs of jungling as opposed to inbred laners (as Bardic mentioned). Points #5 and 8 are the most important, especially in the Feral Flare jungle meta. If your top laner is down considerable amounts of CS and/or kills and is just getting pushed around in general, don't waste your time trying to get them back into the game. Get yourself a sub 15-minute Feral Flare and start farming and killing everything afterward.
  9. I own 71, and the ones I play regularly recently are: ADC - Jinx or Cait Top - Nasus, Malphite Mid - ??? (My worst and most random position) Jungle - Amumu, Udyr Support - Leona, Thresh, Nami, Lulu I wish I could refund champs for a percentage of IP back, don't see myself ever touching an overwhelming majority of the others.
  10. The Greninja hype is real doe.
  11. Best of luck with everything, Jeff. We only played a few games together but it was fun (even though I've played really bad in games with OCR peeps so far xd). Also, am I the only one who doesn't enjoy the alternate modes? I know they're for fun and whatnot but I prefer plain ole' Summoner's Rift. Might've been trauma from playing against Jayce and Lux the two times I tried One For All, though. I would really like to see a capture-the-flag mode, or something like hero siege or footmen wars a la Warcraft3.
  12. I don't think he's that bad, but he does seem to have some hard matchups. Haven't played him yet, but I imagine you just wanna farm and stall out the laning phase. I'm not convinced that you'd have a ton of reason to pick him over Karthus to fill a similar role, though.
  13. I see him more as a mage, and there are reasons why you don't really see traditional mages anymore outside of Ziggs. Banshee's is also a huge deterrent to his whole kit as well. He is still playable, but off-meta champs are as such for a reason. You have to master these types of champs to consistently break even against some of the overbalanced FOTM picks like Ziggs or Gragas.
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