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  1. Well done. Very groovy. All the funk tracks from the overclocked remixers are generally awesome. The last minute starting where the piano comes in is my favorite. I don't like the abruptness of the ending, but that's sort of trivial.
  2. Really great! Danny Elfman is my favorite soundtrack composer and you really tapped from his style very well. The bells really give it that extra depth.
  3. Sweet mix! It's rockin and is just variable enough to keep it fresh. I like it a lot. Maybe Shane would be kind enough to release a piano mix for us, I'm sure we would all appreciate it.
  4. I also nominate sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts
  5. that's great! what does that do exactly...
  6. I have to say I vehemently hate rap... but I really don't mind this track. it's definately not my favorite remix though. But, as with all ocremixes, it's in my playlist and they all have an equal chance of being heard. I love all the remixes equally... All the remixes on this site are very good and expand my musical horizons and that's a really great thing... I have to laugh when my neice says, "Don't you have any music that's not from a video game?"
  7. IN-CRED-IBLE! I love it! One of my favorite tunes from CT. Definately captures the absurdity of the trial.
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